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‘Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster’ Finally Gets Console Release Date

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Apr 7 2023
FF Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is finally coming to consoles soon

The long-running Final Fantasy series started back in 1987 on the Famicom and then on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the West in 1990. The game series had a strange release in the West with Final Fantasy II, III, and V not coming to the West until years later. Final Fantasy IV was released as FFII and Final Fantasy VI were released as FFIII. The series gained the biggest boost in popularity in the West with Final Fantasy VII in 1997 on PS1.

The original six Final Fantasy games were re-released on different things over the years like the PSP, PS1, GBA, DS, 3DS, and more. In 2021 though, Square Enix showed off that it had remastered all of the original six Final Fantasy games and that it would release them on Steam, Android devices, and iOS devices. They could be bought separately or in a large pack. People were critical about it though since the game’s menus were too modern looking and there were not any console announcements at the time. They eventually announced it would release on consoles a year and a half later with no release date and a super limited physical release of the game for consoles. Fans have been patiently waiting for the release and it seems the wait is almost over.

Release Date and Purchase Bonuses

Square Enix released a new trailer and a brand new blog post to let everyone know when and what to expect from the release. The games will be released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on April 19th. Gamers will still be able to buy the games either in one large bundle or just buy their favorites out of the bunch just like you can on Steam, Android, and iOS.

The Nintendo Switch bundle is currently up for pre-order, but the PS4 version will not be available for pre-order most likely. If purchased by May 25, 2023, gamers receive two themed Wallpapers for each individual game. Buying the complete series in the Final Fantasy I-VI bundle will get you all 12 themed Wallpapers.

As for PS4 players, the game is not up for preorder and they made no mention it would be. Buy the games digitally on PS4 between April 19th to May 25th will get gamers a PS4 Theme and Avatar for each title purchased. Players who buy the complete series in the Final Fantasy I-VI bundle will receive every PS4 Theme and Avatar included with the individual games, so a total of six themes and avatars overall.

Console Features

The console version of the games comes with a number of new features not originally in the Steam and mobile releases. The biggest one is a big sticking point for many gamers. I know about the remasters, there is an option to change the fonts of the game to look imitate the pixel font look of the original games. The site describes it like this:

  • Change fonts: The console release of FINAL FANTASY I – VI gives you the option to switch between two different fonts: the default font and a new pixel-based font that recreates the feel of the original games.
Pixel Menus

via Square Enix

The other options are pretty interesting and some of them were in the Final Fantasy VIII remaster that came in 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can turn off random encounters when exploring the map. As nice as a feature that is, it would mean leveling up would be difficult. The way to offset this or just level up faster normally is the ability to increase how much EXP the party receives in a fight up to 4x. The last feature is being able to swap to the original NES and SNES musical glory. The only other thing not mentioned in the announcement is that the credits will be playing again over Final Fantasy VI‘s intro cutscene.

  • Change soundtracks: The Pixel Remaster series features utterly superb new orchestral arrangements of FINAL FANTASY I – VI’s soundtracks. However, we know some of you may want to recreate the original experience of playing these games, so you’ll be able to switch between the original and rearranged soundtracks.
  • Turn off random encounters: Sometimes you just want to explore in peace, so a feature in the Pixel Remaster games lets you turn off random encounters completely. This means you can roam the world without being harassed by monsters. That also means you won’t get stronger, so be careful how you use it…
  • Adjust experience: Speaking of getting stronger, want to speed things up a little? Boost features let you adjust the experience gained by up to four times. Perfect if you want an easier run through the games.
Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

via Steam

I am incredibly glad to know when this is coming out now and am looking forward to them. The original Final Fantasy series deserved to at least be on the Nintendo Switch to come full circle from their roots. The PS4 release makes sense since it is still a very popular system all over the world and playable on the PS5. It is a shame that I will never be able to get the US physical edition for a reasonable price since it was so limited and sold out immediately though. If you don’t mind an international physical copy, they are region-free and reasonably priced currently. It won’t stop me from buying my favorite of the original games digitally, Final Fantasy IV, to go into space on a ship shaped like a whale to beat up a dragon on the Moon.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is out now for Steam, Android devices, and iOS devices

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch on April 19th

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