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MTG: That Time Someone Opened A Booster And Pulled A Black Lotus – In 2021

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Apr 18 2023

Like something out of an urban legend,  or your worst dreams, someone found a Black Lotus in the wild back in 2021.

Time is a flat circle. It’s also fake and apparently meaningless. And I don’t just mean because you can arbitrarily change what time it is and the world sort of agrees because at first we were rationing energy during World Wars I & II, and the energy saving measures ended up being great enough to keep daylight savings time rolling through the years.

But there are other signs too. Look carefully and you can see history sort of bleeds in and out. Like how in 2021, someone just found a Black Lotus in a Magic booster packs.

As was posted to reddit when it happened, one phenomenally lucky redditor decided, on a whim, to invest in a booster pack from 1993, and in an attempt to try and see what cards might be inside, accidentally cracked the pack.

Naturally among the spoils of the pack was a Black Lotus. Because what else would happen. The booster pack, which was worth $2.45 originally, though who knows how much it sold to u/veritesq for. According to a report from PC Gamer, who spoke with the redditor in question, whose first name is Michael, the reveal left him stunned.

“I literally blank stared at it for a few seconds. My brain was full-on loading screen. The first coherent thought I remember having was, ‘No. This is fake. This HAS to be fake. There is no way…'”

As they said in the 90s, ‘yes way’, as Michael now owns a beta condition Black Lotus. Which, depending on how it’s graded could be worth anywhere from $5,000-$60,000. Though the early Magic sets are notorious for having a very swingy print quality.


It’s the kind of urban legend that reads almost like a scam. Like a copypasta come to life in a way that just doesn’t happen anymore. It’s 2023, all of those Black Lotuses should be sitting in the hands of some rich technolord who thinks that you can make the world a better place through scalable fault tolerant distributed databases with ACID transactions.

Not just, out there in a booster pack. But I guess that’s the dream. And it’s apparently still alive.

What’s the best card you ever pulled?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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