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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Ossiarch Bonereapers

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May 12 2023

Today we check out the basics of Age of Sigmar’s Ossiarch Bonereapers, with how-to-play tips to wield Nagash’s masterstroke army.

Not content to let Sigmar have all the ultimate warrior fun, Nagash has been slowly accumulating bones and souls to make an army of perfect soldiers, the Ossiarch Bonereapers. Recent rules made them a bit more varied, so here are some fast tips for playing the bone boys.

Who are the Ossiarch Bonereapers?

The Ossiarch Bonereapers are brand-new form of unlife, purpose-built for war and to fulfill the vision of Nagash to create a perfect, endless army to conquer every landmass which will be known as the Necrotopia. The Mortarch Orpheon Katakros and his chief lieutenant, Arch-Kavalos Zandtos lead the Ossiarch legions composed of immortal, inviolable and incredibly potent bodies constructed from bone and each inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of mortal souls.

The forms of the Ossiarch Bonereapers are created by the Mortisan craftsmen using the bones collected from the Tithe of Bones. But unlike most Necromancers who simply imbue it with unlife wherever it lies via the use of Shyishan energy, the Mortisons process the material extensively, for though bone has a natural resonance with amethyst magic it is brittle and porous. Instead, they mould it through arcane means into sculpted new shapes that are harder, denser and more suited to war. The spirit that animates an Ossiarch Bonereaper is also manufactured using the souls of their enemies.

Why Play Ossiarch Bonereapers?

Powerful, self-sufficient, and tough, this is an army that rewards most styles of gameplay. Wanna play Cavalry? You can. Infantry spam? Easy. Stompy/magic nonsense? You can bring Nagash or Arkhan! This is an army that is spoiled for choice, and can do just about anything you want (except shoot, but it’s Death, so if you want to shoot, pick a new Grand Alliance).


  • A unique form of command point generation, so you don’t have to be so fussy about spending them.
  • Every unit champion is a hero (and sometimes whole units are).
  • Your basic unit is really tough, and most of your army can dish out mortal wounds like candy.


  • Like most Death armies, this army is very reliant on its hero choices. Not as much as the others, but still.
  • They’re a bit more expensive than usual Death armies.

Signature Ossiarch Bonereapers Rules

How to play Ossiarch Bonereapers and what rules you worry about depends on your subfaction, but these are the basic rules that you need to know for this army.

  • Deathless Warriors – Units have an unconditional ward save of 6+. Previous rules restrictions on getting this have been taken away.
  • Ranks Unbroken By Dissent – Makes your whole army immune to battleshock, which is incredible.
  • Relentless Discipline – Gives you a unique way of generating command points. Hot tip- you make a lot more than most armies!
  • Ossiarch Commands – an entire list of unique, repeatable Command Abilities unique to Bonereapers.


Key Bonereapers Units

When constructing your Undead army, these should be some units you look at, even if you don’t decide to bring them along.


1. Liege-Kavalos

A mounted combat lord that brings a lot of punch on its initial impact charging into combat. Plus, a command ability that adds 1 to the attacks of a nearby Ossiarch unit and a boatload of attacks means this guy will be a frontline headache for your opponent.

2. Mortisan Boneshaper

The important healer/caster. He heals a nearby unit passively during every hero phase and can resurrect dead models just as easily. His signature spell isn’t great, but you aren’t bringing him along for that- grab a Lore spell!

3. Mortek Guard

Your basic infantry unit here, and they are GREAT at holding up threats. Their Nadrite Weapon ability gives them exploding 6s, and their command ability gives them unmodifiable saves. Put your Boneshaper behind them, and they’ll rarely move.

4. Immortis Guard

These guys are Mortek Guard on growth stimulants, and they act the part. They’re tough and have a fairly hefty 3+ armor save. Also, if there’s a hero nearby, they can intercept damage for them on a 2+, and their command ability lets them take a second pile-in to attack with their shields. Keep them next to your slow important heroes (like Arkhan if you take him), and keep them healed with a Boneshaper for the ultimate stall wall.


5. Mortek Crawler<

A bit of Undead catapult shooting to remind you of the Tomb Kings. You’ve got three shooting profiles, all with the potential to inflict ‘Strike Last’ on their target.

Sample Ossiarch Bonereapers Army (1000 pts)

Allegiance: Ossiarch Bonereapers

Mortisan Boneshaper
– General

20 x Mortek Guard
– Nadirite Spear and Shield
20 x Mortek Guard
– Nadirite Spear and Shield
3 x Immortis Guard
3 x Immortis Guard

Gothizzar Harvester

Mortek Crawler
Mortek Crawler


Endless Spells 
Bone-tithe Shrieker

Wounds: 116

How to Play Ossiarch Bonereapers

Ossiarchs, much like Stormcast, prefer a hammer and anvil style of play. Use your tough infantry to tie up your opponent while your faster hitters catch them in the rear or your spellcasters lay down withering bolts with impunity. Even your tank units are heavy hitters, though, so give as good as you get, keep your units healed, and collect your tithe of bone.

For Nagash!

Author: Allen Campbell
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