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Age of Sigmar: The Baddest Casters in the Realms

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May 21 2023

Kroak might be the oldest and strongest wizard in the Realms, but he certainly isn’t the only one to watch.

Age of Sigmar is a game full of champions, both martial and magical. Great heroes clash on battlefields of all shapes and biomes while magical energies crash in the skies above. However, as powerful as the champions are, the Realms are governed by magic, and those with the strength to wield it. Of all the spellslingers in the Realms, Lord Kroak of the Seraphon has the distinction of being the first, and likely the strongest. He was ancient when the first Aelves began to weave the fabric of magic together, and he has survived countless millennia and multiple apocalypse events. With the new Seraphon box out now, Kroak is about to see a resurgence, and his Slann brethren will be tearing up the battlefield in short order.

However, strong though he may be, he isn’t the only spellcaster to watch. In every corner of the magical world, powerful magical heroes twist the very fate of the region to their whims. Whether they are terrible masters of death, arrogant wielders of light and order, or twisted sorcerers of Chaos, they are masterful players in the game of magic, and they deserve recognition.


As the self-proclaimed god of Death and the inventor of Necromancy, Nagash is one of the primary power players in the magical chess game. He is responsible for not only the Soulblight Vampires, Ossiarchs, and Nighthaunt, but also the primary antagonist of multiple extinction-level events. If not for the actions of a few brave mortals (and the not-so-secret intervention of the Skaven), the Old World would have been blanketed in a wave of Undeath several times over. He fought against the mortal Sigmar, the powerful lords of Nehekhara, and even Archaon himself. Even Teclis, with all the magic of Hysh at his back, couldn’t put the Necromancer down permanently. Archaon is definitely the villain of Age of Sigmar, but Nagash might be giving him a run for his money.


On the other side of the coin is Teclis, a descendant of Aenarion and master mage of the Lumineth. He was integral in bringing magic to the race of Men, and assisted Sigmar in the formation of the gods at the formation of the Realms. He’s a bit full of himself, sometimes to a fault, but none can deny his efficiency or his strength. He led the Lumineth to victory after victory, and even drove back Nagash, albeit temporarily. Even if you don’t like his attitude, you have to respect his skill.

Kairos Fateweaver

The ageless twin-headed Lorekeeper of Tzeentch, Kairos Fateweavers is probably the strongest mage in the Old World or the Realms. Kroak may be the strongest mortal, but it’s hard to match the strength of a daemon of the Chaos God of Magic. Kairos can gaze into both the future and past simultaneously, and his oracular powers are unmatched. The fact that he hasn’t overcome the Realms already is a testament to the capricious nature of his patron god. After all, if Tzeentch wins, then the game will stop, and that simply won’t do.


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