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D&D: Five Magic Weapons For Edgelords

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May 25 2023

Power often comes at a price. But often that price is just “being even more cool, but kind of edgy.” Here are five magic weapons for Edgelords.

Cursed swords that hunger for blood. Weapons that enfeeble their bearer. Magic weapons that somehow make it even cooler to brood or to be kind of evil while being swung around abound in fantasy stories. From Elric of Melnibone on, the idea of a cursed sword actually being sick is one that sticks with us.

It’s true in D&D as well. Where these weapons might seem “cursed” but they’re actually just cool. You know. If you’re an Edgelord.

Acheron Blade

Acheron Blade is a black blade crafted from a mysterious arcane alloy. So we’re already ticking off a ton of Edgelord boxes right now. This sword also comes with an ability called Dark Blessing so, you know, may as well just grab it now. The dark blessing grants you extra hit points, and when you hit a creature with an Acheron Blade, you can give your target disadvantage on the next saving throw they make before the end of your next turn.


It’s an axe with blood right there in the name. That, in and of itself, would make it perfectly suited to this.

But there’s more! Any time you reduce a creature to 0 hit points with it, you gain 10 temporary hit points. Kill others to stay alive? That’s about as Edgelord as it gets.

Dyrrn’s Tentacle Whip


This magic weapon is a symbiotic creature that attunes to you, embedding tendrils into your arm. Painfully at that. Once it goes through the agonizing sequence, the whip gives you a surprising reach, dealing 1d6 psychic damage, as well as the ability to stun creatures on a natural 20. It can also retract completely inside of your arm, so no one finds it until it’s too late.


Hazirawn is a sentient, neutral evil greatsword that thirsts for blood and deals extra necrotic damage, which makes it fantastic. And if you attune to it, you gain even more benefits, including dealing a greatsword’s worth of extra necrotic damage, and magic spells like Detect Magic, Detect Evil and Good, and Detect Thoughts, as well as wounding anyone injured with it, so they can’t regain hit points for a whole minute after being hit by it.

Mace of Terror

The Mace of Terror is a fantastic weapon for any Edgelord, because it brings out your inner darkness and makes people run away from you. Can you never let anyone get close to you because you’re sure they wouldn’t like what they’d find? Well, now they literally can’t get close to you, since the Mace will make them use their speed and Dash action to try and escape from you, unable to get willingly closer.


Now to find some black hair dye and also makeup…

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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