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Get Your Cosmo Soaring with this Saintly ‘Knights of the Zodiac’ Merch

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May 10 2023

Knights of the Zodiac arrives in theaters this weekend. Learn more about the universe by picking up the manga, anime, and a new game.

The new movie is based on Masami Kurumada’s highly successful manga series. It was originally serialized in Shōnen Jump from 1986-1990 and is now available in collected volumes. The story follows the Saints, five warriors who wear a sacred set of armor and are empowered by a mystical energy called “Cosmo.” The Saints have sworn to protect the reincarnation of Athena against other Olympian gods who want to control Earth.

The Knights of the Zodiac manga series has sold over 50 million copies. That success has spawned multiple spin-off series, anime, and video games. And now, a jump to live-action – it hits theaters on March 12th.

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Vol. 1

Go right to the source with the original manga. The original series is complete – follow Seiya’s journey from everyday tourist to heroic Saint over 28 volumes.

Two Japanese tourists are shocked to see a mansized meteorite crash to the earth before them. It turns out to be young Seiya. Seiya must train harder than ever if he is to survive his match with the brutal Cassios! Whoever wins will receive the greatest prize known to man: the incredibly powerful Pegasus Cloth!

Saint Seiya TCG Booster Box

In the Knights of the Zodiac CCG, two players face off in a fight utilizing their cards to attack and defend. Each player has access to a collection of Knight, Power of Zodiac, Technique, and Field Cards. Winning requires a combination of a well-planned strategy, a powerful deck, and a determination to succeed. Only those who possess these qualities will come out on top.

This booster box contains enough cards to build two 45-card decks.

Knights of the Zodiac Anime T-Shirt

The Knights of the Zodiac from the 1980s era anime are ready for their next battle. This 100% cotton tee is available in multiple colors and sizes small to 4X.

Saint Seiya Classic Movie Collection

The Saints of Athena face chaos, death, and insurmountable odds as they fight to protect Athena from a host of powerful adversaries, including Eris the God of Chaos, Athena’s own brother Abel Apollo, and even Lucifer himself.

All 4 classic movies are presented in Japanese with English dubs and in 1080p.

  • Goddess Eris
  • The Heated Battle of the Gods
  • Legend of the Crimson Youth
  • Warriors of the Final Holy Battle

Saint Seiya 30th Anniversary Model Kit

This Sagittarius Aiolos model kit is an awesome mashup of action figure and brick building. No glue is required. It’s massive when built and will make a great showpiece for any Saint Seiya or anime collection.

  • Two interchangeable facial expressions
  • Posable with articulated joints
  • 18.5-in (47cm) tall, 15-in (38cm) long, and 9-in (23cm) wide

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Author: Mars Garrett
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