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MTG Deck of the Week: “Naya Midrange” – This Land is My Land

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May 17 2023

Check out the current trending decks in Magic: The Gathering! This week, “Naya Midrange” shows why land is the most important part of Magic.

Welcome Magic: the Gathering players! We’re back to showcase one of the top decks of the week for competitive Magic. We have the top lists being played on MTGO, what’s winning, and the decks that won the major events this last week. So get your playmat ready, set your spindown to 20, and let’s dive into the data, brought to us by

Our deck of the week is “Naya Midrange” by Kritik, which is currently trending on TCGPlayer. The deck came in first place during the MTGO Standard Challenge on May 14th.


4 Archangel of Wrath
4 Atraxa, Grand Unifier
1 Boseiju, Who Endures
2 Etali, Primal Conqueror
4 Forest
4 Herd Migration
4 Invasion of Zendikar
1 Island
4 Jetmir’s Garden
4 Leyline Binding
2 Mirrex
2 Mountain
4 Ossification
3 Plains
2 Reckoner Bankbuster
4 Spara’s Headquarters
2 Sunfall
1 Swamp
4 Topiary Stomper
4 Ziatora’s Proving Ground


4 Lithomantic Barrage
1 Mirrex
1 Sunfall
4 Tyrranax Rex
2 Unlicensed Hearse
3 Vanquish the Horde


Deck Notes

This is Naya through and through. It brings big stompy creatures that knock your opponent done fast alongside ramp, draw, and damage. Etali is definitely the star of the deck, going from a card stealing 7/7 dino into an indestructible venomous 11/11 powerhouse. Once he hits the field, that’s the game.


MTG is ever-changing, with new busted and broken cards rising to the top. Check back in next week for the upcoming top deck.

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