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Warhammer 40K: Kill Team Ashes of Faith Unboxed – New Way To Play

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May 20 2023
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Kill Team: Ashes of Faith is introducing a new way to play with an interesting twist on a Campaign mechanic.

We got our hands on the new Kill Team: Ashes of Faith boxed set and were surprised to find more than just the new Imperial Agents in the box. The new Campaign structure is one we’re still trying to wrap our head around — and that’s a good thing.

Note: This was filmed before Games Workshop explained the new Campaign system on Warhammer Community so we’re updating this post with more details about the campaign down below.

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

The basics of the box are pretty straightforward. We’ve got a bunch of new Kill Team goodies for campaign play but before we dive into all that we have to talk about the two Kill Teams in the box. First up, we have the Chaos Warband which is based off the Chaos Cultists, the Mutants, and the Dark Commune. While none of these models are new we at least have rules for all those models, too. Plus there’s a neat chaos thing where the Cultists can SPAWN-tanously upgrade into the mutants which can then spawn into the bigger mutants.

As for the Inquisitorial warband there’s some really cool models in the mix that are direct call backs to Inquisitor 54mm. If you played Inquisitor or are vaguely familiar with the range these should tickle that nostalgia button. That said, even if you didn’t play during that era, these are new models and have a range of options included. Aside from that, you also get a set of sprues for the Tempestus Scions and the Sisters of Silence. It’s quite the array of Imperial henchmen to choose from.

New Campaign Options


One of the unique things about this set is the inclusion of these 6 Campaign boards. While the core game is the same and all the rules for playing these respective Kill Teams are included in a 72-page softback faction book, the campaign offers a new spin on things. The boards have various places for reusable stickers on them to help you track the games and progress. And while it’s designed for use with the two warbands in the box you can technically use any warband you wanted to with this set.

via Warhammer Community

“A battle is played, after which players bid for control of territories and trade blows behind the scenes. Complete the round six times and you can move onto the finale, but beware – there are two ways to win in this campaign, and dominating the backstreets of Exhalus’s sprawling city of Deepwell will only get you halfway.”

The different missions and mechanics make this Kill Team expansion very different from previous incarnations. If you’re a fan of Kill Team and are looking for something different this is will definitely change things up for you.


The Missions can be used for other Kill Team games (like Matched or Open play) but they are really designed for this campaign. And after the battle there’s additional steps that are played out adding more to the intrigue and narrative that’s developing in the campaign.


This all culminates in the final battle in which the Ritual is enacted. Who’s going to prevail? That’s for you to play to find out!

“Ultimate victory is not just for bragging rights. If played as part of a wider Spec Ops campaign, Ashes of Faith awards a bounty of rare equipment, Requisition points, and other rewards to both players – with each victory condition granting an extra bonus. With only seven games to play, Ashes of Faith is a great way to shake things up in the middle of a long-running campaign, or even give flagging players a boost to get them back on level-pegging.”

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith is up for Pre-order this weekend. If you didn’t get one online you might want to call your local Warhammer or FLGS to see if they have it available to pre-order…



More campaign options await in Ashes of Faith.

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Author: Adam Harrison
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