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Warhammer 40K: Meet the Space Marine Ballistus Dreadnought

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May 18 2023

He’s a tall fellow and is ready to gun you down from across the table. Say hello to the new Space Marine Ballistus Dreadnought!

The new 40K 10th Edition Leviathan box is chock full of new goodies for both the bugs and the Space Marines. One of the biggest is the Ballistus Dreadnought. Now we’ve seen a lot of new dreads before rom 8th and 9th editions, and the new guy steps up and takes his place in the lineup.

You will of course note the family resemblance to the past gunslinger dreads dating all the way back to 2nd Edition (left), and his more recent kin (right).


But pay that no mind – it’s surely just a family resemblance. The all new Ballistus is substantially chonkier, and heads and shoulders taller than the old-school Castra Ferrum chassis.  Heck the Ballistus could probably use his short predecessors to stabilize his las-cannons for better aim if he asked very politely.

The Datasheet

Here’s the new datasheet to look over.

Right away note the nice Ballistus Strike which makes him more effective at nailing fresh targets. The Ballistus missile launcher is nice and generically useful with it’s dual frag and krak rounds – a proud heritage that goes back over 30 years.  The Ballistus Lascannon however is a mean piece of work, with that impressive S12, D6+1 Damage.

Finally for a gunslinger dread it’s nice to have the twin storm bolters so you don’t waste the big guns keeping those pesky cultists and grots away from your big armored feet. but even if a couple little pests do get through, you can just stomp then down with  your 5 S7 attacks. Be sure to clean your feet before you track gore into the Fortress-Monastery!


Enjoy the fancy cinematic view of the Ballistus kicking ass in the movie below. I’m sure we’ll all have our very own plastic version of him in our eager hobbyist hands soon enough.

For the Emperor! 

Author: Larry Vela
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