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Warhammer 40K Meta Hotness – 10th Edition Dedicated Transports!

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May 24 2023

Goatboy here diving into 40K’s 10th Edition.  Dedicated Transports are looking like a contender for next editions’s meta hotness. Here’s why.

I feel that dedicated transports will be another factor in whether an army is good or not.  Especially with the shift in allowing units inside to shoot out.  If your option allows guns to be “strapped” onto the hull and shoot it means you get to quickly convert your transport vehicles into basically mini tanks of death.  Think of it this way – while the tank starts with a bolter of some sort you can quickly add a few heavy weapons and create a little mini “cheap” Predator that still has a unit inside that can do something.

Why Transports In 10th Edition?

This is the same with Drukhari Raiders and all the other fun Ork stuff that becomes true little gun boats of death.  While the new 10th Edition is feeling like shooting is less deadly – I think there still is going to be a ton of shots bring rolled out there.  On top of needing a ton of movement to try and get somewhere too.  Movement is where a lot of the game is going to be decided.

Think of it with the missions and other things going away from Army based ones and static scoring.  You will have to move to get somewhere whether it is teleporting, tricks, or other fun stuff.  Having a vehicle that can carry you around like you’re going to soccer practice will be important.

Of course if you have too many rolling boxes that give up points it might be too much – but we’ll have to see as we get there.  Also if the Dedicated Transport points are too high having a few will be good but going full on parking lot might not win you the game.  Still – it feels like this edition is going to bring back the tread-head and a desire to keep your goodies protected.


Looking at those transports most likely the  tried and true Rhino will be something a ton of armies will like to utilize.  Depending on how much they are locked into who they can carry around will be a deciding factor in their utility.  I get the feeling the CSM bad guys will love them as they have a ton of regular based bodies that can carry angry weapons.  I keep looking at some of the Havoc Autocannons and how you could create a nice little weird Auto Cannon style Predator that dakka’s down the battlefield.


Raiders & Starweavers

Of course we have to talk about the Drukhari Raider and how it can become a mean little option throwing out a ton of poison, dark lances, and I am sure some flamer nonsense.  This feels like something that could be pretty awesome.  Perhaps the vehicle gets the Assault vehicle rule to allow things to jump out quickly and start wrecking your face.  Heck the Harlie’s little Starweaver could do the same too – especially a vehicle full of Fusion Pistol.  Like a jar full of angry bees it is ready to murder your face in the name of the Laughing God.

Battlewagons & Friends

Finally the real “dangerous” option could be the 2 different open tops the Orks have access too.  The Battle Wagon and the Kill Rig both seem poised to be scary additions to the Transport are busted game.  They are truly full of greenskin jerks ready to take your candy, do donuts in your front yard, and then cover your house in flaming bullets of death.  All of this plus they protect those t-shirt wearing Ork boyz feels like something poised to wreck shop.  Heck throw in a caster and this little Battle Wagon will throw out a ton of bullets, some prepared Waagh Energy, and then get lunatics too close to your line.

What do you think? Are we about to hit the age of vehicles?  Have they been pushed too much and the need for true anti tank weapons will be key?  Are we going to have fun wrecking them and causing waves of Mortal wounds as they explode all over our lines?


Is it time you go out and buy a ton of Horus Heresy Rhinos as they are cool looking and ready to get “chaos’d” up?

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