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D&D: Five Magic Rings to Rule Them All

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Jul 16 2023

Magic Rings and D&D go together like peanut butter and jelly. And these five magical rings are particularly awesome.

Unlike Middle-earth, D&D is just chock full of magical rings. You go on an adventure, you find a magic ring. That’s just sort of how it goes. But not all magic rings are created equal. Some grant you phenomenal cosmic power…

While others just give a slight numerical increase to one of your rolls. We’re focusing more on the former than the latter. These magic rings are awesome, in both senses of the word.

Ring of Spell Turning

This magic ring will protect you from spells. As the name implies, it turns them away. While wearing it, you have advantage on saving throws against any spell that targets you. And if you roll a 20 for the save and the spell is 7th level or lower, the spell has no effect on you, instead, targeting the caster.

Nothing like being able to reflect your enemies’ spells back at them. Saves you a spell slot, and it’s extremely satisfying.

Ring of Three Wishes

Okay, now we’re talking. Phenomenal cosmic power confined in what would be an itty-bitty living space. This ring comes with three charges, each one can be used to cast the Wish spell.


You can technically wish for more Wishes, but we don’t recommend it. But other than that, go big. Three wishes, what could possibly go wrong?

Ring of Elemental Command

This one ring is technically four. Each of these rings is attuned to an elemental plane: earth, fire, air, and water. As far as we know there isn’t a heart ring, yet, but there’s literally nothing stopping you from creating one.

Each ring comes with 5 charges that refresh at a rate of 1d4+1 every dawn. You can spend 2 charges to dominate an elemental of the appropriate type. But then each ring becomes empowered while you’re wearing it.

Usually, you gain movement abilities associated with the element. But if you help slay an elemental while attuned to it, the ring absorbs some of their essence and you gain even more power; typically one or more powerful spells, and some combat ability too.

Ring of Shooting Stars

The ring of Shooting Stars won’t cause ten million fireflies to light up the world as you fall asleep. But it will let you cast faerie fire or summon up to four different 3-foot-diameter spheres of lightning that you can command to zap your enemies as a bonus action.


Or use the ring for its signature ability to have shooting stars erupt in a 15 foot cube causing 5d4 points of fire damage.

Ring of Red Fury

This is a newer magical ring. It comes out of Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep. It is a silver band with a ruidium inlay, which grants the wearer the ability to breathe water and swim through any liquid at the same rate as walking.

Even milk.

Trust me, someone will ask.

The ring, at its base level, allows you to enter into a ruidium rage, which is similar to a Barbarian’s rage. You gain advantage on Strength checks and saves, you add your proficiency bonus to the damage of an attack, and gain immunity to the paralyzed and restrained conditions as well as difficult terrain.

Happy adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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