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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – New Core Set & More Announced

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Aug 3 2023

Atomic Mass Games has a brand new Core Set coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol with even more heroes and villains ahead!

It’s GenCon weekend and all the game companies are showing off the cool, new stuff. This year Atomic Mass Games released a pre-GenCon 2023 Announcement video that showed off a ton of cool stuff coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol. There’s a bunch of preview miniatures as well as an announcement for a new Core Set!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set 2023


It’s worth noting these aren’t just new sculpts, these characters are also going to have slightly different rules vs the old core set and the updated ones:

The Ultron version also comes with Grunts in the form of Drones. This was mechanic that was introduced after the initial core set launched so AMG wanted to incorporate them (and their rules) into the new core set.


There’s also the “Transform” mechanic that’s appearing with the new Captain Marvel.

There’s also multiple affiliations in this box — it’s not just Avengers and Cabal this time around…

Baron Zemo adds a new Hydra leader to start…

Iron Man did spend some time as director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that’s just what this version brings to the tabletop.


And hey — it’s the Sinister Six! And there’s more of that below…

I also really like the terrain. Big fan of all the cool sets in this game and I love the interactions with the terrain. This core set also has all the updated crisis cards included and also has some nice QoL changes inside. For one, they added the maps TO the cards now. So that’s going to be a nice access change.

What about the old Core Set minis? Well since the core set is getting replaced those minis are gone forever. Just kidding — they are getting NEW affiliation packs!

More New Characters!

Wakanda Forever


Earlier this year AMG also teased a bunch of new characters/products coming. Well now we have a better look at them (and more teasers, too).

Black Panther vs Killmonger

This Rivals Panel was shown off previously but now it’s all painted up and is looking pretty amazing! Additionally, there’s more art to show off for the team tactics cards and those are also looking pretty spicy!

To Me, My X-Men!


We also get the reveals for the X-Men characters that were teased unpainted. Nightcrawler and Bishop as well as Professor X and the Shadow King. Not gonna lie, pretty stoked about all the X-Men coming and I’m already working on my on ’97 X-Men team based on the ’92 cartoon and the upcoming series!

Iceman and Shadowcat, aka Kitty Pryde, are coming to town.

Will Shick also mentioned there might be a spoiler for an upcoming release in the art for one of the tactics card. That card is Hold Still… And since we already have a Colossus and now Kitty Pryde coming, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that we might get a Nimrod. I actually gasped when he said it — I’m stoked.

The X-Men family is looking really filled out! I’m soooo pumped for these releases…but that’s not all that coming either.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider!

AMG also teased some upcoming minis to the spider family.

We’ve got Gwenom and the Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly coming to swing away with the Web Warriors!

And coming in an Affiliation Pack, we’re getting Electro, Shocker, Sandman and Vulture!

Whew… that’s a lot of awesome miniatures coming to MCP. Do you have a favorite? Drop us a line in the comments!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some X-Men to paint!

Author: Adam Harrison
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