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MTG: ‘Wilds of Eldraine’ Leaks Reveal New Adventures

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Aug 14 2023

Over the weekend some Wilds of Eldraine cards leaked to Reddit, and while there’s no sign of Pinkertons, there is a cool Druid.

Wilds of Eldraine is due to start previews on August 15th. Naturally, the weekend before the previews are scheduled to start sees some leaks of the upcoming set bubble up. No Pinkertons in sight, this time, either. But instead, we get a look at some potentially very spicy cards coming up. Notably, there are some Adventures in the eight-card leak.

As always, these are unconfirmed leaks. But with spoiler season right around the corner, it won’t be long before these are confirmed or denied. So grab yourself a grain of salt, but given WotC’s reputation, you might not need it if armed mercenaries show up.

Wilds of Eldrain Leaks – That Druid Though

The Wilds of Eldraine leaks originally showed up on the Magic: the Gathering rumors subreddit, which is exactly where you’d expect them to show up. And if the rumors are true, it looks like there’s some pretty hefty power coming down the line.

Eight cards leaked in all:

  • Beseech the Mirror
  • Sleep-Cursed Faerie
  • Tangled Colony
  • Charming Scoundrel
  • Decadent Dragon
  • Questing Druid
  • The Apprentice’s Folly
  • Lord Skitter, Sewer King

The Adventure mechanic is back from Throne of Eldraine. You can exile the card to send it on its Adventure, and then play it from Exile when it’s exiled as part of the resolution. This is effectively an extra card in your deck.

Now it’s up for debate whether these are two cards valuable enough on their own, or whether it’s the 2-for-1 that even makes them playable in the first place. But, the fact remains that they’ll let you reliably have ways to play cards from Exile, which combos well with cards like Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival.

And the rest of the cards are pretty cool too. Lord Skitter seems like a great way to hate on graveyards, and the Charming Scoundrel is just always a good time.


Wilds of Eldraine official previews start August 15th!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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