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So That’s Why Everyone Is Afraid Of The Dark Forests Of Kislev – Mother Ostankya Gameplay Showcase

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Aug 28 2023

Mother Ostankya is the head witch in charge when it comes to the forests of Kislev. And there’s a reason even Chaos fears her name.

The second Creative Assembly teased a big spooky tree, everyone knew it was going to be Mother Ostankya. She’s the guardian of Kislev’s Forests, but she knows that the best way to protect the lands is by making people absolutely terrified of them.

Riding around on a magical cauldron on a sled, commanding magical beasts, Mother Ostankya conjures up older things than even the gods. The land itself answers her call. Will you?

Mother Ostankya Gameplay Showcase – Witch Hex Should You Use First

The tales of monsters and entities lurking in the dark are particularly horrifying in the WARHAMMER world because, more often than not, they are true! The Kislevite children are haunted with storied whispers of Mother Ostankya, a tale used to frighten them into obedience with a single, chilling phrase.

“Mother Ostankya will punish you.”

And boy, will she ever. Mother Ostankya is Kislev’s ancient protector, drawing power from the land itself. When Chaos rears its head, she and her army of Hag Witches have the tools to dismantle them, bone by bone. First of all, she occupies a strange role as a Legendary Lord. She rides around on her sled-mounted cauldron, and classifies as a “melee-capable artillery chariot.” So she can charge in, but you really want her casting spells, whatever else she’s doing.

Her magic consists of blessings and curses which buff and debuff enemies, as you’d expect. But what truly drives her magic (and her faction mechanic/win condition) is her pursuit of five “forbidden Hexes” which require the consumption of Spirit Essence, a unique resource. Spirit Essence can be gained by safeguarding and holding locations in magic forests, winning battles, ridding territories of corruption, and other things you were already doing anyway.


Each Hex unlocks new boons for herforces, including abilities like teleporting between forests or clearing corruption at a distance.

And all that’s just the start of what she’s capable of.

Mother Ostankya awaits in the Shadows of Change DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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