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AdeptiCon: Painter’s Competitions Are Six Months Away

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Sep 22 2023

Games Workshop is bringing Golden Demon back to AdeptiCon and Atomic Mass Games has The Path of the Worthy for all you painters!

AdeptiCon is just six months away. That might seem like a lot of time but if you’re planning on entering the painting competitions at the show you’re going to want to get those entry ready. Some folks take hundreds of hours to finalize their entries with all the custom conversion work, paint jobs, and scenic dioramas that they create. And you can bet competition is going to be stuff for both of these events!

AdeptiCon – Golden Demon 2024

The Golden Demon painting competition is one of the most prestigious and toughest competitions out there. There are several different categories you can prepare entries for. And if you’re wanting to get a leg-up on the rest of the show be sure to check out Games Workshop’s helpful tips video:


It’s always an impressive set of entries and this year promises to be just as exciting. And yes, you’ve got six months left but that’s no reason to delay! For more info, check out the WarCom article about the event.

Atomic Mass Games – The Path of the Worth

The Path of the Worth is also coming back to AdeptiCon. You can check out more info about it on the official website.

“The Worthy” is the ultimate test of skill for Marvel: Crisis Protocol hobbyists. This painting competition will bring the pages of the comics to life in grand fashion before our eyes. “The Worthy” is designed to help painters better themselves and grow, allow creators to bring their favorite characters to life, and celebrate the Marvel Universe like never before. This is truly a competition for the worthy. “


And if you missed the previous competitions, there’s a neat gallery of those entries you can peruse and get some inspiration from.

Because both of these events are happening at AdeptiCon there’s really no reason you can’t plan on entering both. And you’ve got six months to get your entries ready…


Are you Worthy enough to win a Golden Demon? Better get on the Path to painting while you’ve got the time!

Author: Adam Harrison
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