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Age of Sigmar: Trugg The Troggoth King Rules Reveal

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Sep 11 2023

There’s a new Troggoth in town. Trugg is here and brings his special Army of Renown with him. It’s Trogg Smash Time!

Coming soon to the Mortal Realms will be a new Troggoth King along with his very own Trogg-themed army. Trugg the Troggoth King is looking to reign supreme — or at least get in a fair bit of destruction on the warpath. Games Workshop is showcasing his rules with some free downloads so let’s dive in!

Download Trugg The Troggoth King’s Warscroll

Clocking in at 320 points he counts as both a Leader and Behemoth. Additionally, he’s both single and unique and will be on a 100mm base. You can take him in Gloomspite Gitz armies.

You can see his statline for yourself on his warscroll above. He’s certainly no slouch in combat as is befitting a Troggoth! And while 16 wounds with a 4+ save might not seem like a lot he’s got some ways to stick around. For example, being a Troggoth, he’s got Regen but he’s also got a boost to that as well:

Also, aside from his dangerous weapons he’s also got a mean Crushing Grip attack that foes will have to steer clear of:


It’s worth noting this is a great way to pick-off a specific model in a unit and could lead to you causing some coherency issues for the target unit if you do it correctly.

The massive stone on his back isn’t just for show either. It’s empowered with the magic of the leylines which leads to some funky rules.

As mentioned, he’s got some rules to help him stick around for a bit longer than his profile suggests. While he is tough, he’s probably not tough enough to go charging in solo, even with his regen and a 5+ ward active. You’re going to want to toss him some support in the form of units or buffs. But if you do Turgg is going to do what Troggs do: Smash!

Trugg’s Troggheard – Army of Renown

Also as mentioned, Trugg does have his own Army of Renown. The full rules are also coming in Dawnbringers: Book II – Reign of the Brute. With that said, GW did drop some previews for that army as well.


via Warhammer Community

“Trugg’s Troggherd changes how he plays, giving him an Army of Renown that homes in on a specific archetype inside an existing battletome. For Trugg’s Troggherd this means a march of troggoths big and small with new rules, command traits, artefacts of power, plus a bespoke grand strategy and battle tactics. Trugg’s Troggherd is first up, and it’s made exclusively from units with the GLOOMSPITE GITZ and TROGGOTH keywords, with every non-hero unit gaining the Battleline role.”

It’s worth noting that Trugg’s Troggherd is still affected by The Bad Moon for the Gloomspite Gitz. Special rules like Moonlit Hide still apply to Troggoths in the army. What’s even more important is that the Bad Moon has a fun interaction with Trugg’s special rules in that he gives his Leystone buffs other Trogherd units!

Suddenly those magic glyphs are even scarier as those buffs make the already dangerous Troggs even more juiced-up! Frankly, I don’t know which option is worse for your opponent. The idea of all the Troggs having another attack or an extra rend is kinda of terrifying. But also those already tough units with a 5+ ward isn’t an easy task to topple…Oh boy.

This being an Army of Renown there are of course more rules and options added to the army. Thwackwheezer Club is one such artefact of power that’s been added. And Trugg’s Troggherd has a few new command traits like Ceaseless Growth, too:

One final note about Dawnbringers: Book II – Reign of the Brute is that Trugg’s Troggherd is only one of FOUR Armies of Renown in the book. The other three armies are for Mega-Gargants, Kharadron Overlords, and finally the Ironjawz.


The first crack at Trugg will be when his new Army of Renown box comes out for pre-order this weekend!

Author: Adam Harrison
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