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Age of Sigmar: What Comes Next?

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Sep 2 2023

The NOVA preview is out and awesome but…now what? Let’s take a look at what we hope is coming for the future.

The NOVA Open Previews have come and gone, and we saw a lot of exciting upcoming events. From Ironjawz and Anvilsquigs to daemons, sorceresses, and even a Primarch, we saw a veritable legion of new awesomeness headed our way. Fans of the Orruks were particularly well treated, with a brand new batch of Ironjawz warriors, heroes, and even a Battletome supplement to augment their power. However, a lot of fans like me were left wanting…more. It isn’t that the NOVA preview wasn’t amazing, but rather that fans are always looking for the next best thing. Call me greedy, but after the amazing Cities of Sigmar release and Orruk previews, I’m eager for the future. Here are a few things I hope we see for Age of Sigmar in the next few months.

Flesh-eater Courts

The poor forgotten children of Nagash, Flesh-eater Courts have been due a range refresh for quite some time. I’ve said before and I’ll probably say again, a few of the ghoul kits are old enough to drink (in fact I think the Varghulf is old enough to serve in the Senate). With the Rumor Engine showing a desiccated wing and the recent Harbingers release, I had high hopes for a FEC preview during the NOVA event. Now I’m happy for my Orruk friends. It just feels a little insulting to see relatively fresh ranges get an update while ours stays…well, dead. Here’s hoping for a brand new battletome before the end of the year. Maybe they could do a Halloween tie-in?

More Old World Content


So it isn’t AoS, but the Lady Élisse preview got me super hyped for the Old World. Games Workshop was very honest with their Cities of Sigmar release. Now that I know most of their non-human auxiliaries will show up in the Old World, I can rest easy. However, knowing that doesn’t make me NOT want to see them. The range refresh for one of my favorite games excites me more than I can say. Too bad we won’t see good old-fashioned Dark Elves crossing swords with their hated kin while Wood Elves repel invading humans. Speaking of Dark Elves, though…



I will die on this hill if I must. Malerion and his Umbraneth deserve a place on the battlefield, and with the Harbingers updates, it’s the perfect time in lore for them to show up. I want a good battle between Malerion and Tyrion, complete with their respective Shadow and Light warriors. While I’m starting to lose hope of ever seeing this, I will cling to it with all my might until I am denied outright. Until that time…my memes will continue.

Author: Clint Lienau
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