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Get Fit With These Anime Accessories for the Gym

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Sep 15 2023

If dragging yourself to work out is a real bummer, maybe these anime themed gym accessories will help make your workouts a little more fun.

Do you enjoy working out? Me neither. But it’s apparently good for you to be active so I guess we have to from time to time. If getting your workout in is a bit of a drag, try incorporating some of these anime accessories into your next gym trip. Just maybe it will make the trip in a little more enjoyable. And if not, well at least you look good while you’re there. Maybe watching some anime on your phone during cardio will help.

1. Training For Sempai Tank Top

I love a punny, silly workout tank. going to the gym is one of those things that many of us have to bribe or trick ourselves into before it actually becomes fun or routine. And sometimes fun little things like this do the trick. Lots of anime characters have a sempai they’re hoping will notice them. So if you have a gym sempai, get training so they’ll notice you!

2. Saiyan Cosplay Top

If you want to go in another direction with your gym tops, this shirt looks like Saiyan armor and is just on this side of the ‘not cosplay’ line. It has a fun 3D effect that’s a little realistic and a little cartoony with the designed-in contour and highlight. And some of these cosplay workout tanks give the illusion of muscles, which I always find pretty funny. If you want to feel like a galactic warrior, this is the tank for you.

3. Ninja Compression Shorts

Whether you’re out for a jog, lifting weights, or heading to a team practice, compression shorts are a really good thing to have in your workout wardrobe. These shorts have a looser outer layer, all subtly referencing some of your favorite anime characters. Also, pockets! I hate not having pockets at the gym.

4. Straw Hat Lifting Belt

Lifting belts aren’t for everybody, but if you want a little more back support for some of your big lifts, they can be incredibly helpful. And usually, they come in black and brown and…. that’s it. Not super exciting. This one is exciting though, featuring Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji from One Piece. Pick up that absurdly heavy thing, it’s what the Straw Hats would do. Just do it safely.

5. Naruto Wrist Straps

Again, not everybody is going to want or even need wrist wraps for lifting heavy weights. But If that’s you, there’s no reason to have wraps that are boring. I have too many friends who decorate their boring barbell clips with fun tape. So when there’s an accessory out there that’s already fun, treat yourself! Train like you live in a ninja village with Naruto wraps.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to buy protein!

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