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Kickstarter Highlights: ‘Tombpunk’ RPG, Shadow Lands STLs, 5e Adventures, and More

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Sep 13 2023

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights–including RPGs and STLs!

Journey Through Fairhaven – 5e

Fairhaven is a new and innovative multiple-choice book that will introduce you to the core rules of D&D 5th edition and immerse you into a fantasy world you will never forget. It is a book filled with countless stories, endless opportunities, and battles. Our goal is to create a solo/duo adventure that can be easily played anywhere, anytime, without sacrificing the feeling of a classic D&D campaign. For this, we rely on our years of experience as a DM and player.

In addition, the encounters will be based on rules similar to the well-known board game “Gloomhaven” to create simple yet dynamic and fast-paced battles.  Prepare yourself for an adventure of fantasy and mystery as you start an extraordinary journey without requiring a Dungeon Master, a big group of players, or any prior gaming experience.

Empyrean Titans – STL

These are digital files for 3d printing, not physical models. All models are designed for 28mm scale. The Titans are BIG, over 100mm tall. The titans, Pegasi and 65mm bases are all pre-supported. The reward includes pre-supported .stl files as well as lychee files.  The models in the set are:

  • Empyrean Titan Elder
  • Empyrean Titan Noble Woman/Sorceress
  • Empyrean Titan Warrior Hefting broken Column
  • Male Pegasus/Winged Horse
  • Female Pegasus/Winged Horse
  • Six 65mm bases

A Fairly Odd Tale – DCC & 5e

A Fairly Odd Tale is an adventure for 4-6 characters (2nd level for DCC, 4th level for 5e). 

When your party is sent to parley with a mysterious witch, you assume it will be a simple fetch quest. But now you’ve been sucked into a crazy book filled with monsters and characters from half-remembered stories. Will you survive the strange candy house, make it to the top of the beanstalk, solve the riddle of the door, and find your way back home?

Shadows Lands – STL


This project is perfect for those looking to diversify their tabletop RPG campaigns with new creatures, as well as for those passionate about painting miniatures. Our characters, monsters, and environmental elements are all provided as pre-supported STL files, ready for you to bring to life with your home printer.

This project offers a rich collection of over 70 characters spread across 28 intriguing races. Whether you’re into noble knights, mysterious mages, or otherworldly creatures, there’s something to resonate with every tabletop enthusiast.

Tombpunk RPG: The Mausoleum Edition

This week’s header image is from this campaign. Art by Kristopher Neal McClanahan.

TOMBPUNK is a lo-fi, high-action, rules-light roleplaying game. Welcome to a world that will do its damndest to kill you, full of tomb-raiding adventures, armored skeletons, dangerous cultists, unpredictable blunderbusses, and you, armed with a trusty old mace and a slightly rusty helmet you stole off of a corpse.


Tombpunk: The Mausoleum Edition is a 120+ page, 5.5×8.5 full-color hardcover book that contains all rules you need to play the game!

Realm of Greyclaw – 5e

In my 15+ years of tabletop gaming, I’ve had lots of fun, but have also experienced plenty of frustrations regarding immersion. So, I set out to design a sourcebook that would alleviate some of the common headaches experienced by both players and game masters alike!

Not only that, but I based this endeavor on the ORIGINAL tabletop Campaign Setting. The one that started it all, and is responsible for my undying love of TTRPGs!

Author: Mars Garrett
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