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RPG: ‘Hull Breach Vol. 1’ Brings Sci-Fi Horror to Your Tabletop Games

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Sep 11 2023

Hull Breach is an anthology of adventures, campaign supplements, and more for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership. And it’s out now!

Last year, Hull Breach launched a fantastically successful Kickstarter, bringing all the existential dread and horror of the 2020s to the far future of space. This is good because the whole point of the anthology was to expand and supplement the sci-fi horror game Mothership, which is absolutely phenomenal.

If you want to play through what it’s like to die horribly in a cramped air duct, pulse rifle just out of reach you should check it out. Especially since you can immediately expand your games of Mothership 1E with Hull Breach Vol. 1 now that it’s hit its wider release. Check it out below!

Hull Breach Vol. 1 collects “new, eclectic terrors from 20 independent authors.” Which is more than 200 pages of all-new content. You’ll get 26 new modules, as well as new monsters, new rules for equipment, and hacks.

Hull Breach Vol. 1

Brace for impact with the premier module anthology and sandbox campaign setting for the Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG 1e. Eclectic yet intertwined scenarios, locations, toolkits and terrors.

Hull Breach Vol. 1 is a massive collection of 26 adventures and supplements spanning over 200 pages of all-new content, brought to you by a killer international crew of 3rd party Mothership authors, designers and artists. It’s everything you’ll need to run Mothership 1e for years to come!

The book contains so much to play with. Split up into five chapters, you can find something for pretty much any aspect of running the game.

Intel covers the GMing rules, with new toolkits and “mechanical innovations” designed to help you run the game at its spookiest best. While Missions, as the name implies, is where you’ll find all the adventures. There are 26 in all, one for every letter of the alphabet. Locations will help you fill out your campaign world with wonderful new places to die, including new stations and planets. Entities is where you’ll find new NPCs and more importantly, new extraterrestrial horrors that will live in nightmarish realities conjured at your tabletops. And finally, Assets has all the gear your casette-futurism loving heart could want.

But more excitingly, Hull Breach contains a secret campaign setting woven throughout the book. How often do you get something that comes with its own conspiracy board? All of this is available right now. So be sure and check it out!

If you have to die in the cold darkness of space, here’s hoping it’s quick!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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