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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Codex Previews

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Sep 18 2023

Detachments, enhancements, and stratagems…oh my! It’s time for some Space Marine Codex previews.

Codex: Space Marines is on the way for the new edition for Warhammer 40,000 and Games Workshop is bringing the teases. Not only will this book be jam-packed with all the datasheets and lore you can shake a stick at but there’s a BUNCH of new rules, too. How many? Well, we know right off the bat there will be six new detachments to play around with — that’s not including the existing Gladius Task Force. These will all be thematic and characterful for the various ways you can run a Space Marines army.

There’s also one particular rules change that’s hitting the army — and this one is a pretty large nerf:

via Warhammer Community

“…the Oath of Moment army rule is changing. You still select one unit each turn to be your target, but now you only reroll Hit rolls against them, instead of Hits and Wounds. “

That’s going to make Space Marines a tad less consistent when rolling up those wounds. But I’m betting they’ve gotten a few other options to help in the long run. Anyhow, let’s get to the previews!

Space Marine Codex Previews

Keep in mind when reading through these detachment rules that these can be used by pretty much all the Space Marine chapters now. While they might have traits associated with the six First Founding Chapters you can basically swap them out and have a very different play experience with the same army.


The new 1st Company Task Force is going to bring in the Terminators and Sternguard! Additionally, this detachment benefits the Bladeguard Veterans and Vanguard Veterans, too. Their special rule is Extremis-Level Threat. And yeah, this is one of those options designed to help with nerf to Oath of Moment:

This detachment also has four other enhancements to play around with. One such example is Iron Resolve:

Naturally, each Detachment also has access to stratagems. Legendary Fortitude stacks with Iron Resolve to make a unit super tough to take out:

The 1st Company is #1 for a reason! These vets are going to be well armored, well equipped, well trained, and extra tough to take out.


Up next we have a few previews for the Firestorm Assault Force. While this might be themed around Salamanders (it has fire in the name) the detachment rule Close-Range Eradication makes me want to use this with other chapters for sure. A Blood Angels army likes to get up close and personal, too!


That extra point of strength will come in handy as a way to soften up a target even more before you close in for the melee kill. But also think of the possibilities like the new Infernus Marines with strength 6 pyreblasters or Eradicators with strength 10 melta rifles. Do you smell smoke? Pretty sure someone is about to fire up the BBQ!

And, again, this detachment leans into the close-range goodness with War-Tempered Artifice. It’s a flat bonus of 3 to the strength characteristic of the bearer’s melee weapons. Even more punch power fists or even smashier thunder hammers sound good to me!

The Gladius Task Force is still around and kicking, too. So if you were playing this one now it’s basically the same as before. Armour of Contempt is kind of the Space Marine signature stratagem as well:


If you’re interested in a few more teasers then check out the video below from Warhammer Community — and get your screenshot button(s) ready…


The new Space Marine Codex is coming soon so you can be GW will have even more previews all week long!

Author: Adam Harrison
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