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MTG: Out of the Vault – More ‘Fallout’ Spoilers!

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Oct 23 2023

If you’re going into the Wasteland, you need a good crew at your back. This release has you covered with iconic cards.

The Wastelands of Fallout are a savage place. Terrifying mutants, ruthless raiders and slavers, and the ever-present threat of radiation make it deadly just to take a walk. That’s why you’ll want a good group of companions at your back.

The Wanderer CAN survive on their own, but it’s a lot easier if folks like you. The Magic crossover didn’t miss that boat, and they included a lot more spoilers than we showed in our first article. But then, like any good game, we don’t want to give everything away right out of the Vault.


More Iconic Commanders

While the face Commanders for the four EDH decks have been revealed, they aren’t the only characters making their way to the tabletop. Each of the four decks will have a supplementary character that can lead the deck, representing a slightly different style of play. “Hail, Caesar” will feature Mr. House, the enigmatic ruler of New Vegas and the self-proclaimed smartest man in the world.

While he doesn’t care as much for killing off his own minions (he isn’t a monster), he can’t say no to a good gamble. The “Science” deck, on the other hand, includes yet another good boy, though one with a few memory issues. Rex, the robot dog, will fish in your opponent’s deck for cards he likes, then steal their brains for his own purposes. If you can’t make your own personality, store-bought is fine.

“Vault Boy” Reprints


The Vault Boy is the lovable mascot of Vault-Tec, the company that created all the underground shelters players encounter throughout the game. He has been through his fair share of scrapes but always seems to emerge with a smile on his face. As such, he’s the perfect candidate for a few classy reprints.

Each one features Vault Boy in one of his iconic poses, showing off like the advertising superstar that he is. There are also some nods to other Fallout stories, like the G.E.C.K. terraforming device and the ring of light around the Vault door. Plus, you can’t help but feel bad for Wasteland Vault Boy; he just wants a snack.

Wastelander Art Lands


This might be my favorite part of any specialty set; the full art lands. I’m especially fond of these thanks to the story told over the course of the cards. On the Plains, you have a Wastelander just starting their journey out of the Vault. They meet a loyal friend on the Island and then have to traverse an irradiated Swamp.

On the Mountain, they prepare to face down a villain in a suit of Power Armor before returning back to the colony they helped form on the Forest. As an avid fan of the Fallout games, these really speak to me, and I’ll likely try to get playsets of all of them for my pet decks.

Terrifying Foes

The Wasteland is a dangerous place, populated by all sorts of nasty enemies. Two of the most iconic, the Ghoul and the Deathclaw, have been captured here in glorious detail. The Deathclaw looks incredible in the V.A.T.S. full art treatment, and I can’t wait to see the entire menagerie. I just hope my weapons are fully repaired…

Author: Clint Lienau
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