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D&D Accessories: We’re Beholding The Beholder

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Nov 12 2023

One of D&D’s few monsters to not originate from any other folklore or mythology, there’s a lot to appreciate (and fear) about the Beholder.

Few of D&D’s monsters are as instantly recognizable as the Beholder. Displacer Beasts look like weird panthers and dragons are dragons across many different mythologies and settings. But Beholders are a true Dungeons and Dragons original and classic. You won’t likely find them anywhere else, and when you see one you know what it is you’re beholding.

1. Beholder Mini

Seeing a Beholder in person would objectively be terrifying. And this miniature really puts in the extra work to remind us all of that fact. We have seen a lot of this monster over the years, but do they have these teeth? That horrible eye? That unnecessarily detailed texturing in the mouth? Absolutely not. Your players will sit down at the table, see this monstrosity appear, and know they’re in for it.

2. Plush Beholder

On the way opposite side of the monster merch spectrum, this may be the cutest Beholder you’ll ever see. it’s bubblegum pink, looks super huggable, and have you seen those little tiny teefs?! These seven inches of D&D adorableness will have you forgetting that this is one of those monsters you don’t want to run into in a dark dungeon.

3. Eye Dice

When it comes to incorporating themes and interests into your dice, there are tons of ways of going about it. I’m sure there are dice sets out there with little bitty beholders in every die, but this set goes in a slightly different, and possibly more horrifying direction. Each die has an individual Beholder eyeball, staring at you as you make your rolls. Will this bring good luck? Bad? Who knows!


4. Beholder Dice Box

Usually, I prefer a dice box with a little more going on. Closures, or sections, or built-in dice towers- just something. But something about the simplicity of this one is really appealing and very on-brand for D&D. It feels like a box you’d find a rare scroll in. The design features a Beholder and a set of dice, and the inside really just is a simple, box-shaped box. Honestly, this is beautiful. I don’t know if I recommend it for a player on the go, but for your dice and minis (or jewelry, or nick-nacks) that stay at home, this is a really nice place to store them.

5. Transforming Beholder Toy

This is such a weird little toy, and it makes me feel so nostalgic for some reason. Closed up it looks like a D20- probably not terribly effective to roll at the table, but the effect is solid. Once you open that D20 up though, the toy transforms into an (honestly pretty crude and angular) Beholder. This toy is bizarre and sort of ugly, but it also reminds me of playing with lots of equally bizarre and ugly toys from the 90s and loving the heck out of them. This feels like the perfect sort of jokey gift to throw in somebody’s stocking.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to buy Beholder-proof armor.

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