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D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Rock of Bral

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Nov 19 2023

One of the most infamous locations in all Wildspace is the Rock of Bral; a city built on an asteroid and home to adventure.

Travelers in Wildspace often claim that no place is as wild or as vital as the Rock of Bral. This city on an asteroid was home to all manner of denizens. From noble families and royalty to pirates and the friendliest beholder this side of the Astral Sea. All manner of creatures made their homes on the Rock of Bral.

Yet for all that, this floating city is a bastion of “safety” in the Astral Sea, its own story was as legendary as the city. And it all begins with a pirate captain.

The Rock of Bral’s Beginnings


The Rock began roughly 170 years in the past. Then, a fearsome space pirate captain, known as Bral, established a “pirate refuge” on an asteroid deep in WildSpace. Before long, the asteroid became a haven for thieves and cutthroats of all stripes.

But even among this lawless rock, merchants and enterprising artisans started to set up shop. And as they brought paying customers and an influx of more money to the rock, they steadily increased its reputation and reach. To the point that eventually merchants and tavernkeepers were as numerous as the pirates who took refuge there.

After Captain Bral’s death, the burgeoning city took his name. And the pirates scheming for control realized that times were changing.

The Era of Princes

The first person to sense the changing wing—or at least the first person to capitalize on it, was a pirate captain known as Cozar. When he realized the lawless days that had led to the city’s founding were at an end, he set about making alliances and business deals.


After consolidating his power, he stepped forward as Prince Cozar, overlord of the Rock. He ruled for many years, and under his reign, the city evolved from an outlaw port city to a major hub. Adventurers and more started to become drawn to the now more reputable city.

And perhaps, if Cozar’s heirs had been as shrewd leaders as the first Prince, the Rock of Bral would be different today. But instead, Frun, heir of Cozar, proved to be lacking.

A renowned hedonist, Frun was compromised by any who indulged his vices. With little interest in ruling, he ceded power hand over fist to business leaders and merchant princes until he was little more than a figurehead.

His own son, Calar, was on track to be a mirror of his father before he died under mysterious circumstances.

Present Day

Prince Calar’s younger brother, Prince Andru, rose to power in the wake of his brother’s death. But the young prince has inherited a labyrinthine mess of alliances and power struggles. Where once there was only a single prince, the Rock of Bral is now a web of powerful players. Andru is but one among many.

Which is why life on the Rock is outlandish and varied. Law exists sporadically in the city. But while law may be largely absent, order is present. Those who profit from the Rock of Bral’s existence prefer to keep it that way.


Which means the city largely polices itself. There’s no watch, but there are always those interested in keeping the peace.

The Rock of Bral is home to many power players. In addition to Prince Andru and his court, there is a network of Underbarons, each a leader in their own right. They control different aspects of the city and work to ensure their own interests are advanced at any cost.

Notable Sites around the Rock of Bral

What makes the Rock so interesting? It is home to many peoples and notable places. Perhaps most famous of all is the Happy Beholder, a prosperous tavern owned and operated by Large Luigi, the eponymous happy beholder.

More adventurous-minded individuals might find work at the Red Mask’s Guildhouse, where thieves and criminals plot and fight with the Juggler’s Folk, a gang of comedians and performers who steal the audience’s attention and coin.

Or perhaps you might visit the palace at Starhaven, said to be the most beautiful building in Wildspace. If the rumors are true, great treasure lurks inside.

Happy adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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