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D&D: Five Magic Shields for Keeping You Safe

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Nov 13 2023

The right magic items will save your bacon. Here are five magic items the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division would want.

If you don’t like overwrought acronyms you might want to shield your eyes, because today we’re here to talk about some of the best magic items in the game–magic shields. Shields are a quick and easy way to boost your AC, and Magic Shields, with their ability to carry enhancement bonuses as well as other magical properties, are a great way to give your character a ton of extra utility and protection all in one item. So if that S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t have you in a Fury, let’s dive in and look at five of the best magic shields in D&D.

Shield of Far Sight

The Shield of Far Sight is a special Mind Flayer magic item. It’s a shield crafted when a mind flayer harvests the eyes of another living creature and psionically implants them in an otherwise mundane shield. The newly ocularized shield then confers several benefits, allowing the mind flayer to see through the shield’s magical eye, with darkvision, or cast Mind Blast on anything the shield can currently see. While this is mostly meant for mind flayers, half the fun is figuring out how to use a new toy, and at what cost to the person picking up the shield.


Spellguard Shield

An excellent shield for anyone having to face down a mage or other spellcaster. The Spellguard Shield’s magics neutralize offensive magic, granting you advantage on saving throws vs. spells and other magical effects, as well as giving disadvantage to spell attacks made against you. All that and it still increases your armor.

Sentinel Shield

The second magical shield to feature an eye–though this time the eye is only a sigil emblazoned on the shield, rather than a gruesome part of the shield itself. The Sentinel Shield will make sure to keep you feeling alert and ready for danger, giving you advantage on Initiative AND Perception rolls so long as you have the shield.

Shield of Missile Attraction


The Shield of Missile Attraction is an excellent example of how a curse isn’t always a curse. Sure, this shield is technically cursed so that if anyone targets a creature, other than you, within 10 feet of you, the ranged attack is redirected to target you as well. Buuuut you also get a free, always-on, resistance to ranged attacks. So while you’re being targeted, you’re also taking less damage. It just goes to show that one adventurer’s curse is another adventurer’s blessing.

Animated Shield

Finally the Animated Shield. This shield will obey your every command, so long as your every command is to animate and hover around you in order to protect you while still leaving both hands free to do other exciting things.

Those are some of our favorite magic shields…which ones are yours?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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