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D&D: Five Monsters for Your Adventures on the High Seas

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Nov 20 2023

Getting on a boat in D&D is all but asking to get attacked by sea monsters. Which ones? These five come to mind…

The ocean, in D&D is chock full of creatures eager to turn you into an appetizer. And despite your character looking like a snack, you won’t necessarily want them to be a snack.

But if you’re on the DM side of thing, there’s nothing like an ocean voyage to bring out the most monstrous entries from the manual. Nothing like a sea monster to spice up those travel segments. Add some danger to an encounter when drowning becomes a risk. Or just get an amazing chase as you pick a behemoth to try and tear apart the party. Whether you want to be forewarned or forearmed, here are five of the best sea monsters in D&D.




Aboleths are among the oldest sea monsters in D&D. These ancient aberrations might remember a time before the gods and mortals when the world was primordial. And theirs.

They make excellent aquatic enemies because they can enthrall people who need to be saved, while also complicating everyone’s life with a transformation into Skum.



Chuul are brutish lobster monsters, whose thick shells and claws make them formidable enough. They’re adept at grabbing an enemy and dragging them beneath the waves.

But doubly dangerous are their paralyzing tentacles, which can paralyze a creature for up to a minute, putting them into an especially dangerous situation if they’re submerged beneath the water and unable to fight back.


Slithering Bloodfin

Introduced in Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, these massive monsters have an armored, serpentine body, and a vicious, shark-like maw. This alone would make them dangerous. But, as always, there’s more.

A Slithering Bloodfin swallows its prey whole, and while it has a creature trapped, it drains the life away from it, healing itself in the process.



A Leviathan is a massive Water Elemental. It’s a force of nature in every sense of the word. These powerful beasts sink whole flotillas. And are so massive and powerful that they often develop cults who believe that it is the highest honor to down in the waters of a Leviathan.

With the ability to call up tidal waves and crash into buildings and creatures, a Water Elemental is capable of leveling cities and worse.




Finally, the Kraken. This is the ultimate waterborne threat in D&D. These behemoth creatures are as malevolent as they are resilient.

They conjure lightning storms and hurl foes great distances. Their ancient malevolence is enough to inspire devotion from foolish mortals who hope to appease it.

What are your favorite sea monsters in D&D?


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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