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D&D: The Deck Of Many (More) Things – 44 New Cards To Hose Your Party With ‘The Deck Of Many Things’

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Nov 13 2023

The Book of Many Things adds 44 new magic cards to the Deck of Many Things, meaning ever more chaos for your D&D games.

One of the newest features of WotC’s now-delayed Deck of Many Things and accompanying splatbook, The Book of Many Things is the addition of forty-four new cards to the deck, each with a wide range of magical effects that range from weal to woe. But not all of these are campaign-enders. In many ways, a Deck of Many (More) Things can be really good.

Right up until you get the card that immediately puts you into a corpse-like state, unable to be revived by magic or anything else other than your own true grit. Which, honestly? Sign me up. And there’s plenty more magical chaos, both beneficial and baneful, that awaits. Today, before the digital launch of The Book of Many Things, we’re taking a look at some of these new cards.

So grab a deck, and draw, pardner.


The Book of Many Things Presents: The Deck of Many MORE Things, 44 New Cards

First of all, let’s quickly address the Deck of Many Things’ reputation as a campaign ender. A big part of that is that it can drastically change the fates of characters, rendering them so far above or below the rest of the party that playing them just isn’t the same anymore. One character might acquire random magic items and treasure.

While another might end up with their soul trapped somewhere only a Wish or some kind of specific quest can overcome.

In comparison, the Deck of Many More Things gives you even more tools to play with. And on the whole, they tend to be a bit more standout without necessarily ruining it completely for one character (albeit with a couple of pointed exceptions).


Let’s start with a look at some of the good cards and what they do:

  • Bridge – Gain the ability to cast Time Stop 1d3 times
  • Celestial – Permanently gain luminous feathery wings and a flying speed of 30 feet
  • Dragon – A dragon egg appears in front of you and hatches into a dragon wyrmling that views you as its parent and is completely loyal to you and your friends
  • Elemental – Gain immunity to your choice of: acid, cold, fire, lightning , or thunder
  • Expert – Your Dexterity Score increases by 2 to a maximum of 22 (There’s an item like this for every stat)
  • LanceAll your ability scores increase by 1 to a maximum of 20
  • Temple – A deity or deity-level power becomes bound to you, and you can call them

And that’s a small taste. Of the 44 new cards, almost 30 are positive effects.

But the ones that get you… well, they really get you:

  • Corpse – You drop to 0 hit points and immediately start making death saves. Magic cannot restore your hit points until you stabilize. If you die, die, only Wish can bring you back
  • Statue – You become a petrified statue, no save, but hey, at least you’re a pretty, marble statue
  • Beast – You get polymorphed into a Beast of CR 5 or lest for 2d12 days and nothing but a Wish can stop this transformation
  • Undead – A revenant rises, somewhere in the world, and it blames you for its existence. So it’ll hunt you for one year, until it either kills you or you banish it with a Wish spell (or a year passes)
  • Pit – You fall into a pit and take some damage, but it’s not too bad, really

All this in the Deck of Many More Things


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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