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Horus Heresy: ‘Dracosan Transports’ Are Coming To Legions Imperialis

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Nov 16 2023

Were you wondering how all your Solar Auxilia infantry would handle moving across the battlefield? The Dracosan Transport is the answer.

With all the infantry that the Solar Auxilia can field getting them around the board was kind of an issue. But that problem has been solved with the Dracosan Transport. Ferry your units where you need them the most and get some additional bang for your buck!

via Warhammer Community


“The Solar Auxilia fielded a vast number of heavily armoured tanks during the Great Crusade, from Malcadors to Baneblades, but the main contingent of any deployment was made up of massed infantry. To ensure their survival in the great meat-grinder of battle, the Solar Auxilia fielded a range of transport solutions, including the mighty Dracosan Transport.”

Dracosan Transports





The Dracosan has a couple of different variants to choose from. There’s the main transport option that packs twin lascannons as an aggressive armament. While the other option sacrifices some of it’s transport capacity to pack a demolisher cannon. With the power of the demolisher cannon brought to bare, you’ll be able to smash through fortifications with easy. That honestly might be a trade worth making!

With the boxed set coming out for pre-order this weekend it might be worth planning some room for these transports. At least for you Solar Auxilia players out there. The Space Marines are getting a lot of really cool toys — but the Solar Aux will have some tricks up their sleeves!

The Dracosan Transports also come in boxes of six. That’s enough tanks to transport 24 Solar Auxilia models/bases around the tabletop. Personally, I’d plan on getting at least one box of these just for the the options it provides.

Will you take the plunge with Dracosan Transports or are you just going to have your army march to victory on foot?


Author: Adam Harrison
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