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‘Marvel Dice Throne: X-Men’s New Heroes Are Crushin’ It on Kickstarter

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Nov 7 2023

Marvel Dice Throne is what happens when you supercharge Yahtzee to omega power levels. This latest box adds 8 new heroes and a brand new cooperative way to play.

Tabletop’s most dangerous version of Yahtzee absolutely blew past its Kickstarter goal by over 4000%, raising over $4,000,000. The Dice Throne system combines the dice-rolling gameplay that we all know with an additional layer of strategy you won’t find anywhere else.

Marvel Dice Throne: X-Men adds eight new heroes to your Dice Throne setup, Wolverine, Storm, Psylocke, Iceman, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops, and Deadpool. The deluxe edition also includes pre-painted hero sculpts that look absolutely fantastic.

I’ve always been partial to Nightcrawler.

Dice Throne itself is simple to learn, despite the admittedly daunting appearance. In short, on your turn, you roll your dice and try to match the symbols on one of your abilities to do that ability. But you’ll also have a handful of cards you can use to upgrade those abilities or perform one-time effects.

Marvel Dice Throne adds a brand new way to play Dice Throne with Dice Throne Missions. In Dice Throne Missions, 1 to 4 players team up against a host of iconic Marvel villains. including Magneto, Ultron, Thanos, Doc Ock, Sebastian Shaw, and more.


Heroes must take out the villain’s henchmen first while dealing with unique challenges, all provided on the double-sided Mission Maps. Once the henchmen are dealt with, the board flips and the real challenge begins. Heroes have to balance attacking with defending while managing the Crisis Clock and making sure not to take the brunt of any crit effects!

Dice Throne Missions adds an exciting cooperative new way to play with your favorite Marvel heroes. Be sure to keep an eye out as Kickstarter deliverables are estimated for August 2024.

Author: Matt Sall
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