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MCDM Unveils Exciting Additions to Their Fantasy RPG with Two Brand New Character Classes

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Nov 9 2023

MCDM Productions, the studio behind Kingdoms & Warfare and Strongholds & Followers, shows off two new classes from their upcoming RPG.

Earlier this year, during the great OGL Debacle of 2023, MCDM Studios announced their own fantasy RPG. Mind you, they had already been hard at work and had been since the year before when WotC announced they were working on their own virtual tabletop ecosystem. As Matt Colville said, “the clock is ticking” for third-party companies like MCDM. This is one of many reasons they started work on their own, as-yet-unnamed RPG while still working on books like Flee Mortals.

And since then, the game has been gathering up a full head of steam. On their Patreon, patrons can see behind the curtain at the development in progress. But today, MCDM unveiled a look at two of their new classes, the Tactician and the Shadow.

MCDM’s New RPG Classes – The Tactician And The Shadow

As the name suggests, the Tactician is all about tactics on the battlefield. They are a Leader in the old 4th Edition sense. Fans of the Warlord class will recognize a lot of what Colville is talking about.

And that’s the first point here, MCDM’s RPG has strong echoes of 4th Edition with some more modern design takes. This means the game will feel a little more game-y, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Tactician has the ability to place “taunts” on enemies, where they inflict a penalty (or some other cool things) on an enemy if they attack someone other than the Tactician.


Other abilities mentioned include things like granting free movement to the entire party. Which feels rewarding for players looking for a more tactical combat experience.

Meanwhile, the Shadow, as the name suggests, is the MCDM version of the Rogue/Thief. They command shadow magic to do cool “skulduggery” and accomplish thief-type tricks. As Colville says, the class is testing extremely well, with players overwhelmingly satisfied with the Shadow’s ability to deal massive damage while also playing around with the combat in interesting ways. The Shadow can interrupt the flow of combat to strike after a player goes.

More on the MCDM RPG as it develops!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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