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MTG: Creator Spotlight – ‘OneMoreGameMTG’

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Nov 18 2023

Check out our spotlight on Magic community creators! This week we talked to Chris from OneMoreGameMTG.

Welcome in Praetors and Planeswalkers! One of my favorite things about Commander is the rich community of creators, influencers, and players that have formed around it. YouTube, Twitch, and podcast influencers all provide a unique perspective on the game, whether through playing, deck tech, or just general banter. Creators like these are usually the first introduction players have to the game; they play a huge part in promoting and growing the community. If you love EDH, you probably have a creator to thank. This series is designed to shine a light on some of those brilliant creators.

This week, we’re talking to Chris from OneMoreGameMTG. Chris is a talented streamer showcasing Pauper Commander — showing Magic doesn’t have to be expensive. He also does tons of charity streams and tournaments. He goes out of his way to promote community and give back.


How Long Have You Been Playing Magic?

Chris: I started playing Magic around 2000. The first true introduction was from the MTG Starter 2000 CD and a huge box of cards.

What Drew You to the Game?

The biggest thing that drew me into MTG was the art. I remember going to the LGS in the town where my father knew the owner, and he gave us a massive box of cards. I had not heard about this TCG at this time, but being the geek I was, I was interested. Growing up, we didn’t have much money to afford a TCG so my collection of cards I owned was so limited. To save money, my parents purchased knock-off brand Pokemon cards, of which I am sure they are worth something these days if I knew what kind they were! So receiving a massive box of cards at ten years old was quite amazing. At this moment, I knew I was going to be hooked.

How Long Has Your Channel Been Around?

My channel has been around for about a year and a half. Originally the channel was the Commander Crew with two of my close friends. As time progressed, each of us wanted the channel to go in different directions. So on a mutual note, we divided the group. One focused on his family and left magic, one became that TCG Guy, and then there was me!

What Makes Your Channel Unique?

The biggest thing that is unique to my channel is that I focus on Pauper Commander. This is a format that has been around for a while, but many people don’t often play. I am trying to bring awareness to this format and help transition people from EDH to pEDH so they can enjoy this incredible format.


What Advice Do You Have for Up and Coming Content Creators?

For any new players or potential content creators, the biggest advice I can give is to focus on yourself. I have spent countless hours grinding and putting an immense amount of work in with what may seem like almost no results; followers, income, ambassador programs, etc. But that is not what you should focus on.

The biggest thing that has made me the absolute happiest is being able to create connections with people that I may never have if I never started. When they come to me and ask a simple question as “What do you think of this card” you know that this person sees you as someone with knowledge and they see you as the person to go to. I have followers all over the country, and when anybody simply comes to me and asks for advice about the game, that is the reward of your content.

What’s Your Favorite Set?

My favorite set would have to be the shards block. It isn’t a matter of the cards but the memory that came along with it. In 2008 I went to college and decided to bring all of my magic cards with me. I was playing here and there, but it wasn’t anything that I was serious about. First year I lived in an engineering dorm room, and the minute someone else saw MTG cards, the floodgates were opened. There had been COUNTLESS days and nights playing with friends. The gathering of people together because of this game is the true reason I have stuck with it.

Which Commander is Your Favorite and Why?

My favorite commander has two choices. First would be Uril, the Miststalker, and the second would be Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith. Uril is the first because it is the first commander that I ever built. Though the deck is no longer together, I have built multiple variations stemming from this commander. I would hang with friends, and everyone would be trying all these different combinations of cards, and I would just be there trying to make one tall creature and smack once. The “Leroy Jenkins” motto, I’d say! Second simply because it makes rocks. One of the dumbest memories I have, which do not try at home, is having a rock fight with my brother. Yes, as idiotic as that sounds, you heard correctly! Just like everything else magic has brought me, this commander has brought back a memory where I was truly happy, and it brings a great feeling inside every single time I play this commander.


You can check out all his links here.

Tune in next for another Commander Spotlight!

Author: Clint Lienau
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