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MTG Deck of the Week: “Golgari Midrange” – Graveyard Shenan-Again

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Nov 1 2023

Check out the current trending decks in Magic: The Gathering! This week, “Golgari Midrange”does its best work after death.

Welcome Magic: the Gathering players! We’re back to showcase one of the top decks of the week for competitive Magic. We have the top lists being played on MTGO, what’s winning, and the decks that won the major events this last week. So get your playmat ready, set your spindown to 20, and dive into the data, brought to us by

Our deck of the week is “Golgari Midrange” by GL4You, which is currently trending on TCGPlayer. The deck came in first place during the MTGO Standard Challenge 32 on October 15th.


3 Blossoming Tortoise
1 Boseiju, Who Endures
3 Cut Down
4 Deathcap Glade
2 Duress
4 Forest
3 Glissa Sunslayer
4 Go for the Throat
2 Graveyard Trespasser
2 Liliana of the Veil
4 Llanowar Wastes
2 Lord Skitter, Sewer King
2 Mishra’s Foundry
4 Mosswood Dreadknight
2 Nissa, Ascended Animist
4 Restless Cottage
3 Sheoldred, the Apocalypse
6 Swamp
1 Takenuma, Abandoned Mire
1 Tenacious Underdog
1 The Irencrag
2 Virtue of Persistence



1 Cut Down
2 Gix’s Command
1 Liliana of the Veil
2 Path of Peril
2 Phyrexian Arena
2 Pilfer
2 The End
3 Tranquil Frillback


Deck Notes

Golgari loves the graveyard, but this deck really takes it a step further. Your graveyard is just another library, where nothing stays permanently, while your opponent’s is a land of punishment. This feels like a powerful destruction deck. There’s enough shenanigans to keep your dead things from staying that way long, and your opponent’s to stay there permanently.


MTG is ever-changing, with new busted and broken cards rising to the top. Check back in next week for the upcoming top deck.

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Author: Clint Lienau
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