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‘The Walking Dead Universe’ RPG Hits Shelves in Just Under Two Weeks

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Nov 16 2023

Free League Publishing announced today that The Walking Dead Universe RPG was shambling out of the gate with an official release date.

What can we say about The Walking Dead? It’s ironic that a show about zombies seems to have outlasted the zombie craze. That, like some kind of walking corpse, it continues to shamble on. Possibly. But, Rick Grimes has something different to say.

Soon, you too will be able to live out your dreams of 2012, which as a reminder, is more than a decade ago now. Just in case you were wondering. At any rate, The Walking Dead Universe RPG will finally allow you to deliver a pun while a character looks on bleakly and zombies loom in at the edges of your adventure. Or, you know, whatever the game designers intended you to do with it.


The Walking Dead Universe RPG Releases November 28th

Per Free League’s announcement, The Walking Dead Universe RPG comes out on November 28th.

In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, the player characters must not only hone their physical skills, but deeply explore who they truly are – what drives them to go on, what they consider worth fighting for, and what they’re capable of doing, in the best and worst of times.

In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, you will play as people struggling to survive in a hostile world. Exceptional challenges can appear from anywhere – from the lack of essential supplies, from conflicts brewing within the group, from hidden construction flaws in your safe haven, or from approaching walkers hungering for your flesh.


The game comes with “two modes of play”. There’s the Campaign Mode, which is the typical RPG sandbox approach. You make up characters, the GM puts you through hell. You order pizza, you snack, and the game falls apart the second you have to postpone a session more than once.

Then there’s Survival Mode, which is a lot like the Cinematic Mode present in the Alien RPG. Here you play characters in a “dangerous situation that needs to be handled immediately” which is a fancy way of saying short, pre-gen adventures that feature locations and characters from the TV show, so you can say “Hey I know that guy! He dies in like, three episodes!”

Get ready to enter the universe of the Walking Dead!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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