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This Week’s Warhammer 40K Products & Pricing CONFIRMED – Legions Imperialis Is Here!

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Nov 13 2023

We return to the Horus Heresy with the rebirth of EPIC. Legions Imperialis launches at last! Take a look at these prices.

It’s a happy holiday season indeed with this year’s return of EPIC scale. Legions Imperialis is upon us at long last for our giant-teensy battle needs. Here are the latest releases.

GW says all of these kits go up for preorder on November 18, and have a street date of December 2.


Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis $200 €155 £120

 “Launch right into epic scale battles that defined the Horus Heresy with the Legions Imperialis boxed set, giving you the complete mass battle experience in one easy package. This set includes two armies split between the Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia, with scores of infantry, squadrons of armoured vehicles, and even a pair of Warhound Titans.

Legions Imperialis zooms right out to portray some of the largest, fiercest battles to shake the Age of Darkness. It’s truly mind-boggling in scale, and a fantastic hobby project for avid painters looking to turn their skills to dozens of small yet incredibly detailed miniatures.

This set contains a grand total of 223 miniatures divided across 61 individual models, and comes with dice, tokens, templates, and every Warhammer veteran’s favourite red measuring sticks. You’ll also get the full, unabridged rulebook for Legions Imperialis, containing the core rules, scenarios, unit profiles for Legiones Astartes and Solar Auxilia armies, extensive background information about the biggest battles of the Horus Heresy, and galleries of glorious miniatures.”

LI – The Legions Astartes Infantry $50 €40 £30

 “The Legiones Astartes are indisputably the most famous of the forces fighting in the Age of Darkness, at the centre of every pivotal event and important battle. To field an army of Space Marines in Legions Imperialis is to choose the path of the Emperor himself – or the arch-traitor Horus, should the flames of rebellion smoulder within your foul hearts.


Build the core of a flexible Space Marine army with the Legiones Astartes Infantry set, collecting eight squads of Tactical Legionaries, four Contemptor Dreadnoughts, and an assortment of supporting troops into one convenient package.*

Every element of a classic Space Marine infantry force is here – Terminators, Support gunners, and Assault Squads – and with two Legion Command Squads to lead them, the only way you could make a better start on your Legiones Astartes army would be to get two.”

LI – Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron $50 €40 £30

 “Space Marines are formidable soldiers indeed, but you need more than just massed infantry to carry the day. That’s where the Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron comes in. You get four in a box, each tank bristling with sponson and hull guns, and with a choice of a Kratos battlecannon or melta blastgun for the turret.”

LI – Rhino Transport Detachment $50 €40 £30

 “With such large battlefields to fight over, transporting your troops around is a must, and nothing does it better than the Rhino. A pack of 10 plastic Rhinos gives you a massive tactical advantage over a foot-slogging foe, and they’ll get to their destination safe and sound when flanked by four powerful Kratos tanks – so detailed, they could be mistaken for their full-size counterparts.”


LI – Thunderhawk Gunship $50 €40 £30

 “Aircraft are a potent force in the skies of the 31st Millennium, and the iconic Thunderhawk Gunship is back from Aeronautica Imperialis to its new home in Legions Imperialis, giving this excellent kit a new lease on life. They come with new bases for the new game, but you’ll still be able to use them in games of Aeronautica Imperialis – which will still be supported as a game set in the Age of Darkness.”

LI – The Solar Auxilia Infantry $50 €40 £30

 “The Horus Heresy might have starred the Legiones Astartes, but they weren’t the only elite forces fighting in the conflict. The Solar Auxilia are humanity’s finest mortal warriors, and their armies could go toe-to-toe with even Space Marines through ironclad discipline, relentless firepower, and overwhelming numbers – if not mano-a-mano combat.

The Solar Auxilia Infantry set starts your army off with a wide assortment of critical units, including lasrifle or flamer-toting Auxilia, Charonite Ogryns, Aethon Heavy Sentinels, and veteran axe-wielding Veletarii. Each box is led by an Auxilia Commander and their Tactical Command section, and just one or two sets forms a dependable core for your epic scale Solar Auxilia army.”

LI – Baneblade Squadron $50 €40 £30

 “It wouldn’t be an Imperial army without tons of tanks rumbling along, and Baneblades are just about the most iconic vehicles in the Solar Auxilia motor pool. This pack of two super-heavy tanks comes with a choice of Baneblade cannon or Hellhammer cannon for each. In addition to different main guns, each has three possible tank commanders and three different sponson options. You can field them in Detachments of up to six vehicles”


Warlord Titan W/ Plasma Annihilator $115 €90 £70

 “Knight Households and Titan Legions are available to support armies from both the Legiones Astartes and the Solar Auxilia, and loads of beautifully detailed Imperial Knights and Titans from Adeptus Titanicus are back in action. That means Questoris Knights, Cerastus Knight Lancers, Reaver Titans, and Warlord Titans are at your disposal – plus some special guests from the Forge World range.”


Reaver Titan W/ Melta Cannon & Chainfist $60 €50 £37.50

LI – Questoris Knights $45 €35 £27.50

LI – Civitas Imperialis Ruined Buildings $75 €60 £45

 “The Horus Heresy left many cities as little more than bombed-out shells and networks of ruined roads, so why not build a beautiful battlefield of your own with new Civitas Imperialis City Road Tiles and Ruins sets? Both are modular and designed to work alongside other Civitas Imperialis sets, turning your games of Legions Imperialis from rough scuffles on bare tables to exciting war stories set amidst thematic, immersive environments.”

LI – Civitas Imperialis Administratum Sector $170 €130 £100

 “Want to get loads of terrain in one convenient box? The Administratum Sector collects a variety of modular Adeptus Titanicus terrain kits, which will return in due course as part of the Legions Imperialis range. You’ll find four Civitas Imperialis building sets and one pack of Civitas Imperialis Spires – for you to build up a densely populated cityscape.”

Astartes or Solar Auxilia for you?!

Author: Larry Vela
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