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D&D Accessories: Your Dice Storage Solutions

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Jan 28 2024

If you have more dice than you know how to keep organized between adventures, these items will keep your bag of holding neat and tidy.

Many of us have too much RPG stuff. Between minis, cards, chits, books, notebooks we always forget to take notes in, and of course, dice. If you too eternally have too many dice and not enough ways to keep them all organized between sessions, these storage solutions will help keep your bag of holding—or just your living space—a little more tidy.

1. Classic Dice Vault and Rolling Tray

Sometimes one of the simplest solutions is the best. If you’re looking for a multi-tasker, this dice vault does double duty as a rolling tray. The metal latch will keep your dice safe between sessions and for transportation between game sessions. The stained beechwood gives the entire thing a very clean, mature look to it. But what I really love is the functionality.

2. Pocket Organizer

There’s a good chance you need more than just dice for your D&D sessions, and if that’s the case you’ll probably want something a little bigger. This case has room for 500 dice, pens, small notebooks, and of course, a built-in dice roller. Everything has its own little self-contained zipper pocket and a soft interior, so your RPG necessities will stay safe between adventures.

3. Dice and Card Holder

There are a lot of uses for a case like this. Perhaps you’re very into card games that also use marker chits or dice. But I look at this and think “spell cards and minis.” There are three drawers, and while two are the perfect size for sleeved cards, they’d also be ideal for just about any small item you’d need to bring to a D&D night. The magnetic closure will keep all of your goodies safe until they’re ready for action.


4. Full RPG Case

I love it when something is truly a one-stop shop, and this full RPG organizer might just be that. There is space for each of the sixteen miniatures. There is a space for your spell cards. There is a space for your D&D character sheet and chits. And of course, there’s space for an absurd number of minis and a rolling tray. This case is pretty big with the ability to hold an entire player’s handbook inside. But all of that space is accounted for.

5. Adventuring Bag

If you’re the person at the table most likely to bring all of the books and map (the DM, perhaps?) this full adventuring bag might be what you need. This bag also has room for 16 minis, tons of dice, chits, cards, and markers. But it also has a huge main pocket for books, notes, your DM screen, and maybe even your laptop, plus storage loops for the battle lap.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to fund our dice habit. We can’t stop buying dice!

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