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Kickstarter Highlights: ‘Dodecadonut’, ‘Zeotrope’, ‘and More

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Jan 29 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights—including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

CRYPTIC NATURE: Discover and Protect the Legendary Creatures


Cryptic Nature is a strategy board game that invites you to take on the role of cryptozoologist, searching for the traces of cryptids – extraordinary creatures who learned to hide from humans. Your task is to track the unique species by finding evidence of their existence and to build a wildlife sanctuary to provide the legendary animals with a safe habitat.

In a gaming landscape usually portraying cryptids as frightening monsters, Cryptic Nature takes a unique approach by revealing how beautiful and amazing these legendary creatures can be. Our game shows the mystical animals in their native habitats, as part of the natural ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of their preservation. Сryptic Nature features over 60 cryptids, including 35 from the base game, and the “Flora” and “Islands” expansions adding 32 more. We also have exciting stretch goals that could introduce even more captivating cryptids to the game.

Division Heroicus

Three Presupported 3D Printable Armies at the new 8mm Scale!

The DIVISION HEROICUS is a Kickstarter that brings your favourites from the previous projects to a whole new epic scale! Where the 28mm scale versions of our models allowed you to focus on the key engagements of an overall battle, DIVISION HEROICUS zooms out and give you the general’s view. You’ll be able to command hundreds of men and dozens of vehicles as they engage in battle across the front lines.


ZOETROPE: Death Didn’t Take


Time travel with us from 2023 to 2024 and celebrate the new year by supporting this Time Travel Shenanigans game, ZOETROPE: Death Didn’t Take. A card-run game that requires no preparation to sit down and play, this roleplaying game will put your gaming group in the shoes of the rent-a-cops of time travel. 

This game is perfect for roleplay-focused players, as an improv game or practice, and one-shots around your longer campaign games when a player can’t make the session. ZOETROPE comfortably seats 2-7 players, with one player acting as the Story Leader running the game, and the others as Time Agents, and games last anywhere from 1-2 hours.



Oops! It looks like the server is down! You need to fix the connection quickly! But be careful with other Etherneters! In the end, only you know which pattern is better. You just need to arrange your cables in such a way…. Hey, don’t unplug my cables!

Clickport is a strategy game in which players, called Etherneters, create patterns on the board using Internet cables. They can do this by plugging and unplugging different colored network cables. Many challenges and opportunities await them. Remember—there can be only one King of the Net!

Sci-Fi-V: The System – A Science Fiction RPG powered by 5E

Welcome to SCI-FI-V! This mutation of the 5e system was born out of countless homebrewed roleplaying game sessions with a rotating cast of friends and fiends – a home game that never had regular enough attendance to stick to an epic campaign and attended by folks who had more fun dying in spectacular or hilarious ways than they did leveling up.


Murder hobos with laser swords that just happened to save the day on occasion… Or at least make enough money for a synthbeer at the tavern. It began as a classic old-school dungeon crawl but as other elements slipped in, the setting changed. The world went from a pretty bog-standard medieval dungeon to a massive, multi-layered city full of swords, moon rock blunderbusses, spikes, mutants, alien creatures, ray guns, and cathedral-sized caves full of fungi.

Donuts for your Dice. The Dodecadonut.

Handmade wooden dice boxes that look like donuts. If you like donuts and you like Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll love Dodecadonuts.

The donuts are made of wood and split open like a sliced bagel. Felt-lined pockets in both sides hold your dice. The donuts are held together by strong magnets and delivered with a pink felt bag to protect them. Since I started, I’ve always worked to make the donuts better with every batch. Stronger magnets, better frosting. My original design had 8 pockets that would hold a standard Chessex set of dice.

Author: Matt Sall
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