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Kickstarter Highlights: ‘Poisoncraft’, 3D Printed Dice Towers, and More

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Jan 24 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

Runecairn Wardensaga Remastered


Strap on your bearded axe and linden wood shield, delve into the forsaken barrow and cleanse the draugr within. They will overwhelm you at first so prepare to die. But when you wake up at the bonfire, you’ll know what to expect for your next attempt. Parry their attacks, disarm them, and hack them to pieces. Defeat the undead within and claim the soul remnant they protect.

Runecairn is a Norse fantasy tabletop roleplaying game written and designed by Colin Le Sueur and inspired by games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring. Based on lightweight new school revolution (NSR) systems Into the Odd and Cairn, Runecairn is designed for 2 players, one GM (the Warden) and one player (the Adventurer).



A colorful new board game expansion for TOKYO HIGHWAY! With new pieces and new ways to play, it’s better than ever.

Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City / トーキョーハイウェイ レインボーシティ is a new edition of Tokyo Highway with new gameplay elements and updated components that make the game easier to play…which can be good or bad depending on your taste for collapsing roads.




Welcome to the Songbirds 3e Kickstarter. Songbirds is a tabletop adventure game that I’ve been working on and iterating over many years. In it, you play as the titular songbirds, survivors of this eldritch world, made strange by death and rebirth.

With your abilities and your friends, you are the canary in the coal mine. You venture where you’re needed, helping spirits twisted by undeath to pass on and finally find rest.

D/D/D/D, a Pamphlet Adventure for Mork Borg

The City-State of Grift prepares itself for death. The chirurgeons of the land are vilified, as it is claimed they unnaturally prolong life before its certain end. The graveyards are no longer holy places of rest, but instead, they are mud-slogged ruined gardens, as the citizens fill them with more bodies than they can fit. They are buried one atop the other.

Though not all of the folk suffer. A gang has formed of those who would seek to experience as much decadence in the squalor as they might before the end. They are godless scum, who seek only to profit, and there are none fit to stop them. These Shovelrots steal from the dead and terrify the living. They pay for their drinks with gold teeth and tarnished pendants. Their clothes smell like the corpses from whom they were stolen.

Recently, they’ve unearthed something… else…


PoisonCraft: Module for Poison, Oil & Flask for D&D 5E

Welcome, shadow walkers and cunning alchemists! We’re back into the dark alleys of poison-making. DnD PoisonCraft is your ultimate guide to the most secretive and deadly arts. 

From ancient toxins to volatile oils and deceptive flasks, this module is your key to unlocking a new realm of power. In this comprehensive guide, available in PDF or Printed edition, you will discover how to craft over 36750 different deadly concoctions, with even more to come as we hit our stretch goals!

Fortunate Rolls – 3D Printable, Fantasy dice towers

Welcome to Fortunate Rolls, a 3D printable dice tower project, this is our second dice tower project, with a few different styles! This model is designed for FDM printing, mostly suitable for 28mm to 32mm scale. The model is sliced into different parts that can be printed in a bed size similar to Creality Ender 3.

The models are highly detailed and can be printed support-free.  All pieces of this model were test-printed and are ready for you to print. paint and play.  Below are some render images and actual 3D-printed photos of the model.

Author: Matt Sall
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