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MTG: Who Let the Cards Out? – “Raining Cats & Dogs” Secret Lair Deck

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Jan 22 2024

Are you a dog person or a cat person? With the brand-new MTG Secret Lair Commander Raining Cats & Dogs deck, you can be both!

Since the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose deck, Secret Lair Commander decks have been an exciting alternate release. Shifting away from the typical 5-7 alternate art cards, these decks are fully playable out of the box, and more optimized than a standard preconstructed deck. The real draw for these decks, however, is the reprints. The recent Angel deck included a gnarly Bruna and Gisela reprint, along with a few other stunning pieces. The newest offering, Raining Cats and Dogs, goes a step further with reversible cards. There are a lot of reasons you’ll want these adorable critters.

Reversible Reprints


One of the best things about each Secret Lair release is the gorgeous reprints. However, Raining Cats & Dogs doubles up on the reprints with dual-face cards. The primary Commander, “Rin and Seri, Inseparable,” is focused on generating both Cat AND Dog creatures. Keeping with that theme, each of the reprinted cards in the set has a Cat side and a Dog side. Anointed Procession, for example, shows a pair of kittens cuddling up on a cozy bed on one side and then a pair of happy dogs carrying a big stick together on the other. These adorable reprints are an animal lover’s dream, and some of them are absolutely bangers.

An Amazing Deck

While the deck isn’t perfect out of the box, it’s much more optimized than a standard purchaseable deck. Like the three Secret Lair Commanders that came before it, Raining Cats and Dogs includes not only powerful cards, but built-in combos and interactions that take the deck far beyond standard fair. With only a small bit of tuning, you can turn this deck all the way up to 11, and you’ll still get to keep all the beautiful new art.

Incredible Contents

Even without the alternate art cards, several of the cards included in the deck are very strong. Cards like Lion Sash, Brimaz, and Marisi all come standard in the deck, and though it does seem to have picked a side (there are a few more Cats than Dogs) each creature type is beautifully balanced. Whether you want to keep the deck intact or ransack it for parts, there’s a lot you can do with the pieces in this deck. Plus, like with all Secret Lairs, there’s an unannounced reprint to make the whole purchase worth it.

You can find the new deck on the Secret Lair website. If you aren’t sure and want to see the contents, you can check out the decklist here. But don’t wait; this Secret Lair is strictly Limited Run, so catch them before they run off!


Author: Clint Lienau
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