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New 5E RPGs: ‘Jailbreak!’, ‘Chains of Asmodeus’, 5E D&D Hacks for Kids, and more

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Jan 26 2024

D&D hacks for kids, a jailbreak, and Chains of Asmodeus’ re-release for roll20 are all available in our 5E compatible roundup this week.

It’s time to roll the dice on new 5E compatible releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new tabletop role-playing games.

Chains of Asmodeus

Chains of Asmodeus for Roll20!

  • Extended campaign with an adventure on every level of the Nine Hells!
  • 24 maps with Dynamic Lighting and pre-placed Tokens to reduce DM prep!
  • Random Encounter Rollable Tables accessible with just a single click in the VTT covering every corner of the Nine Hells, with 50+ interesting conflicts and opportunities for your party to explore.
  • Drag-and-Drop over 190 monsters straight into the action without having to worry about entering stats!
  • Enjoy custom tokens created directly from the book’s art!
    Ready to play? Build unlimited 5e characters on Roll20 Characters!
    Arcanum Worlds Presents: Chains of Asmodeus

Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave Darkness

Cawood Publishing presents Monsters of the Dungeon: Brave the Darkness for 5th Edition! Includes conversion tables for PF1, PF2, OSE, and DCC. Over 120 new monsters plus resources to run a dungeon campaign. Organized into seven unique dungeon chapters; Arcane, Castle, Manor, Thieves’ Guild, Tomb, Wilderness, and Mountain. The sixth book in our bestselling Monsters series!

From the Blabberblub to the Zombie Basilisk, from Skull and Bones to the Draugr King. Return to the heart of the game!


This 150-page full-color book includes

  • 300+ Adventure hooks
  • A collection of unique magic items
  • Seven different dungeon types
  • Game Master advice
  • An adventuring party of seven heroes
  • 123 new 5E monsters with individual illustrations, stat blocks, and bios
  • Aberrations, constructs, undead, monstrosities, fiends, fey, elementals, oozes, plants, humanoids, and dragons
  • CRs 1/2 to 30
  • Encounters and events tables

Battle for the Oddvine

The folk of Oddvine’s Mill have long kept the spirit of the wood alive but with only eight hours of the mystical water that sustains the spirit remaining, they are out of time.

Can our heroes battle their way through the ruthless mercenaries of the Merchant’s Guild and save the Oddvine or will they allow the spirit and its people to perish?

Battle for the Oddvine is an adventure compatible with 5th Edition Roleplaying Games. Inside this adventure you will find:

  • An adventure optimized for adventuring parties of the 1st through 7th level.
  • A forest area that can be easily plugged into your ongoing game.
  • Three new factions including two mercenary companies.
  • New magic items.
  • Printer-friendly black-and-white adventure files.

Jailbreak! A Monsters of Rock Interlude

Your characters are thrown in jail and need to escape but they must do so without any of their armour or items, and in an environment where magic is closely guarded and every spell will need actual components to perform. Make your players read spell descriptions closely! Can they beg, borrow, deal, and steal the things they need to escape? Can they perform verbal and somatic components under the watchful gaze of Warden Spinel and his eagle-eyed guards? Can they survive the attention of Gewalt Drang and the Bullyboy?

  • More than 10 prison locations to manipulate and plot escape in
  • Homebrew rules for tunneling, prison routines, work duties, solitary confinement, magic, visiting days, cell searches, leisure time, smuggling, crafting, First day in jail (spoiler: not good) and even snitching!
  • NPCs to bully and harass ‘fresh meat’ (i.e, your players) including Rubrum August- the gnome who knows how to get things
  • Homebrew stat blocks for the Warden, Guard captain, two faction leaders and the Bullyboy!
  • List of all spell components and where to find them in Fullshank
  • Added Death Row rules to make your escapes time-sensitive!
  • Random tables for guard demeanour, prisoner reaction, deals/favours and solitary confinement, first day encounters and overheard rumours
  • Battle map of Fullshank prison

This version also includes all the stretch goals unlocked during the original campaign:

  • 1 New NPC- the prison counselor—can you convince him you’re sorry enough to earn early release?
  • 2 New factions to add to your Prison ecosystem
  • 2 New buildings- The temple- maybe prayer can save you! (spoiler: it can’t) and band practice room- maybe you can sing for your freedom like Leadbelly! (spoiler: you can’t)
  • 1 totally new adventure hook- Fighting in the Moonlight! The Guard Captain approaches you- he needs new fighters for his underground fight club! Can you survive 3 bouts and earn your freedom? (spoiler: maybe!)

Break out!

The 5E Kids’ Hack

The 5E Kids’ Hack

The 5e Kids’ Hack is a simplified ruleset for the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game. It makes learning 5e a breeze and is specifically designed with kids in mind!

5EKH contains:

  • A trifold booklet containing the BEST simplified 5e rules options for kids!
  • A kid-friendly table-tent character sheet—perfect for children learning the game!
  • Printable blank spell card template!

NOTE: Meant to be used in conjunction with your trusty 5e handbook!

Open the Door to Family Adventures—Add to Cart Now!



Dungeons with Dad!

  • Fuel Your Child’s Imagination
  • Introduce Them to the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game
  • Build Lasting Memories as a Family!

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