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‘The Beekeeper’ Review – One of Us

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Jan 21 2024

Is your dad beekeeping age? Maybe he should check out One of Us crew’s The Beekeeper review.

Jason Statham. Identify Theft. Bees. What do these things have in common? Well, the new David Ayer action movie of course! Jason Statham stars as the titular beekeeper who is living a modest life as a companion of sorts to Eloise (Phylicia Rashad). Once Eloise is scammed out of all her money by an evil corporation led by Josh Hutcherson, Statham’s Adam Clay takes vengeance to a whole new level.

As Clay’s wrath climbs to the top of the organization, Wallace Westwyld, played by Jeremy Irons, tries to control the situation by uncovering Clay’s past. We find that Statham isn’t some ordinary beekeeper, but an ultra elite commando…beekeeper!

The Beekeeper Review

Listen as Wright, Nathan, and Eric buzz about the ridiculous plot, action, and “bee” puns with The Beekeeper!


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