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Take Flight: ‘Wingspan’ is 26% Off, Plus Free Promo Card Pack

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Jan 29 2024

Wingspan is literally one of the best games ever, if the ranking charts are to be believed. And it can be yours with a nice discount as well!

It’s pretty rare for a modern board game to really make a splash. Catan is a staple for many households now, Codenames is definitely getting a lot of attention. But one that’s always flying just under the radar for non-board gamers is Wingspan. And Wingspan is great.

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Wingspan Overview

Wingspan is a competitive engine-builder that requires a delicate balance of collecting birds, housing them, and feeding them. The gameplay is rich and deep enough that even the most advanced gamers will find themselves engrossed.

But the game isn’t complicated. With only a quick rundown of the basics, you’re going to be ready to play. On each player’s turn, they do a single action. Either play a bird, gain food, lay eggs, or draw birds. Birds are worth points, have special abilities, and build nests for eggs. However, birds require food to be played and additional birds require eggs.

As an engine-builder game, Wingspan’s depth and complexity don’t come from the rules but rather from how different game mechanics interact and trigger each other. Building a proper game engine that feeds itself is always incredibly satisfying. This is true in Wingspan as it is in any other.


Fly Into Your First Game With a Free Promo Pack

If you’re brand new to Wingspan, this is the perfect time to pick up this fantastic game for yourself. This sale also includes the Swift Start Promo Pack, which adds 10 new birds and guides for running new players through the first four turns. Perfect for jumping right into what is sure to be your next favorite game!

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Author: Matt Sall
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