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Age of Sigmar: New Organized Play Kits Are Worth Showing Up For

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Feb 6 2024

Games Workshop’s new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Organized Play Kits have some excellent swag in them. It’s time to show up for OP!

Organized Play Kits are great tools for hosting Tournaments or other events. The new AoS OP Kit has the right type of swag to encourage players to come and play. What’s so good about it? The swag is actually useful for playing!

via Warhammer Community


“The Organised Play pack contains everything a store needs to run a matched play tournament for up to 32 players, including free art cards, a metal Age of Sigmar measurement gauge for every player, a glass trophy for the champion, and certificates for other awards such as Best Painter.”


Age of Sigmar Organized Play

There’s some neat stuff in the kit for sure. The Store Champ trophy, the art cards, and the various certificates are nice. However, it’s those metal Age of Sigmar measurement gauges I’m focusing on.

Personally, I already have a couple of these gauges along with my tape measure that I bring when I play. But you know what? I’ll happily take another! I know there’s lots of these types things floating around these days. Lots of Etsy creators sell versions of them and you can find all manner of these measuring tools online. However, there’s something nice about the official metal ones. Maybe it’s the weight or the quality — but I just like the heft of them.



The fact that you get 32 in the OP Kit is really nice. That would allow a store to run an event for up to 32 players at once. Alternatively, they could run some smaller events and give those out over time. Unfortunately, since I’m not a retail store, I don’t know what these kits will run the Stores. The have to apply to become a participating store. But, as a player, just the measuring gauge is more than enough to get me interested in showing up.

If you’re local store isn’t participating maybe give them a poke and let them know you’d be interested. Support your local scene and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get in on the OP Kit action as well!

What type of swag would you want to see in an Organized Play Kit?

Author: Adam Harrison
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