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D&D Accessories to Keep You Warm When Your Game is Cold as Ice

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Feb 11 2024

Spring may be on its way, but it’s not here yet. So while we wait, let’s embrace the cold with these icy D&D accessories.

Sometimes where I live gets to be what I would describe as “way to friggen cold,” and “why do I live in a place where the air hurts my skin?” cold. It hasn’t been that bad in a little bit, but the season isn’t quite over yet, so we know there can be another cold snap or two around the corner. Spring is within view and we can start warming up soon. But it’s not quite here yet. So until then, these cold-weather accessories will feel right at home.

1. Ice Dice

These beautiful dice look absolutely glacial. The set of seven is made with ice-blue resin with sparkles sprinkled throughout and chilling silver numbers. And the effect is a miniature winter wonderland. This is one of the more simple sets of dice I’ve posted, and I think that simplicity is part of what makes them so extra pretty. They’re going for a specific, natural effect and they nail it.

2. Dice Ice Tray

Do you know what we do in New England when it’s cold? We drink iced coffee. Please don’t ask me to explain it because I can’t, and personally, I’d prefer a warm drink. But if you too enjoy an iced beverage on a cold day or want something refreshing in the warmth and comfort of your home, pop a bunch of dice-shaped ice cubes in your beverage. The flexible silicone mold will make you a complete set of seven dice ice for your drink. It’s perfect for parties and your party of adventurers.

3. D&D Blanket

When it’s cold all I want to do is snuggle up under a cozy blanket. Keep warm and get cozy with this super soft D&D throw blanket. It features the iconic D20 and a few of the well-known symbols of the game and comes in two sizes. But really, it’s soft, warm, and will protect you from the cold.


4. D12 Mug

Another fantastic plan when it’s this cold is to make a nice hot drink. I’m partial to cocoa myself but Found Familiar Coffee has a line of D&D-inspired coffees to check out. And the little dragon in this mug will help you drink anything you pour in there for it.

5. Game Scented Candles

These little candles probably won’t give off much heat, but at this point, we’ll take what we can get. Coming in Dwavern Tavern, Crackling Campfire, Dragon’s Blood, Dungeon Crawler, Hunter’s Mark, Second Breakfast, and Wizard’s Library, you can find a yummy candle from gmdice for just about any scent your DM may describe.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money to offer to the sun deities. Mr. Golden Sun! Please shine down on us!

Happy adventuring!


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