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Horus Heresy: Siege Breaker Consul Are Here To Blow Stuff Up

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Feb 8 2024

When it’s time to demolish the enemy you now have an expert to call in. Meet The Siege Breaker Consul for Horus Heresy.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fireworks display or some good old fashioned demolition work? It’s fun to see big explosions and the new Siege Breaker Consul is a professional when it comes to delivering the boom. A new miniature is coming to Warhammer: The Horus Heresy for all your favorite legions.

via Warhammer Community


“Siege Breaker Consuls are experts at rapid deconstruction initiatives based on the precise application of extreme explosive force. In other words, they blow stuff up. These Consuls use their encyclopaedic knowledge of demolition to help their allies bring down defensive structures and efficiently destroy armoured vehicles.”

Siege Breaker Consul

Wearing artificer armour as a sign of office, the Siege Breaker Consul is ready to get to work. Wielding a thunder hammer and phosphex bombs, he’s got the right tools to destroy the target. It’s also cool to see his terminal with a holo display showing details of destruction. He’s probably studying up on the best place to apply some explosive force. Furthermore, his antenna relay teases on the ability to call in some long-range and/or orbital support. If this guy is on the tabletop you know it’s about to get loud!

This miniature will be cast in resin from Forge World and will have an alternate head option with a helmet if you prefer. He looks like a great addition to the range. The Siege Breaker Consul has a defined job and looks equipped to carry out those demolition orders. He’ll be coming soon and ready to bring the boom.



Does he need to be that close to the explosions? No. But he likes it that way.

Author: Adam Harrison
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