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*Snikt-snikt* Let’s Play D&D With Wolverine

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Feb 26 2024

Work on your standoffish attitude and your most epic mutton chops, this week we’re playing D&D with Wolverine, Bub!

Last week we brought Deadpool to the D&D table, and you can’t have Deadpool without Wolverine (unless you’re talking Deadpool and Spiderman, but that would be a way different movie-slash-campaign). So this week we’re adventuring with the other immortal, impossible to kill anti-hero from Canada and we’re playing D&D with…



If you tuned in last week, this sheet may look somewhat familiar. Deadpool—like Wolverine—has a supercharged healing ability that makes him hard to hurt for any length of time and just about entirely impossible to kill… And there are only so many ways to get that sort of healing factor in D&D. So we copied our own notes a bit.

Like Deadpool, Wolverine has eighteen levels in Champion-Fighter so we can get that Survivor ability that allows us to regain HP equal to 5 + Con Modifier every turn. But Wolverine is a little older and a little more experienced, so he also has a few other things going for him.

I have Wolverine one level in Ranger. Not enough to fall into a Conclave or get any spells. But I wanted him to have a little bit of that natural survival training that comes with Deft Explorer. It’s only one level so it’s not that serious, but he should be basically able to track, travel, and survive out in the wild.


He also got a single level in Barbarian. Because it’s Wolverine and he should have a few little rages. As a treat.

I know in the past people have been annoyed with messy triple-classed characters, so if this is a direction you abhor, give him an extra level in Barbarian and take that Reckless Attack and Danger Sense.

Another big difference between these two characters is that while Deadpool was built on human stats, I made Wolverine a Dwarf. There are a few reasons for this. And yes, one of them is that he’s known for being a little on the short and stocky side. Dwarves also have increased resilience and constitution, additional combat training, are generally known for being a little more gruff, and naturally have a lifespan that’s more than three times as long as a human’s. Which is all pretty Wolverine-y to me.

And of course, we have Wolverine’s signature weapon in his claws. Claws do exist in D&D but in more of a monsters-and-animals-have-them sort of way. For your own game, I always suggest explaining to your DM what it is you’re looking for and seeing what they will homebrew with you. For my purposes, I decided to treat each claw as three simultaneous daggers. So each hand has a set of claws, and each claw does 3x(4D+STE) damage. You could instead stat them after some swords or even come up with your own stats altogether. It’s D&D. There are no wrong answers.


How would you make Wolverine for a D&D setting? Are you excited for Deadpool and Wolverine? What movie, show, comic, game, or book should we make sheets from next time? Let us know in the comments!

Happy adventuring!

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