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Mantic: Epic Warpath – Last Days To Get In On The Kickstarter

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Feb 26 2024

Mantic’s Epic Warpath has hit it’s Kickstarter funding goal and looks to be a success — and you still have time to join in!

The folks in Nottingham are back at it again with a new, slightly smaller spin on their Warpath universe. It’s Epic Warpath and it’s Kickstarter is looking successful with just a few more days left.

As of time of publishing, they have already hit their goal and are sitting at 764% funded! So this one is basically in the bag. With only 3 days left to get in on the action you could pledge and score quite the bounty of goodies.

There’s pledge levels for one, two, or four armies — and special one for retailers. There’s also a”High Command Pledge” that includes four armies, terrain, and a BUNCH of other goodies.


If you are curious about the game you can check out their Kickstarter for even more details. Additionally, there’s a few videos that Mantic has posted as well:


There’s also a video series on how to play Epic Warpath on their youtube channel.

Again, this Kickstarter is already set to fund and the game itself is going to happen. Clearly Mantic has everything ready to go and will be supporting this game in the future. So now is your chance to get in on the ground floor and score some steep discounts at the same time.


The Warpath Universe is already rather large and there’s plenty of room for Mantic to expand. They already have Veer-Myn on the way and you can bet there’s more ready to show up in this truly Epic Warpath setting.

So congrats to Mantic on this Kickstarter and (as of time of publishing) you’ve got around  3 days to get your pledges in. The Epic Warpath universe is calling — are you ready for Mantic’s take The Game of Sci-Fi Mass Battles?!


Estimated Delivery Is March 2025. Get in while you can.

Author: Adam Harrison
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