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MTG: Get a Clue about ‘Murders at Karlov Manor’

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Feb 5 2024

Check out these handy detective tips and tricks so your Murders at Karlov Manor MTG draft deck isn’t a crime scene.

The latest Magic set is out this Friday, and it’s certainly one of the books. Murders at Karlov Manor follows the recent trend with Magic sets of returning to a beloved plane to deal with the aftermath of the Phyrexian invasion. This time, we find ourselves in Ravnica, where a series of grisly murders leads ace detective Alquist Proft on a dangerous journey into the city’s underbelly. Will the plucky inspector solve the case, or will the culprit add one more name to their list?

The play experience for this set is amazing, mostly thanks to the introduction of the Play Booster. This new style of draftable pack combines all the playability of Draft boosters with the collectability of Set packs. That means a more diverse Limited and Sealed environment, more incentive to play Limited, and a better game overall. However, it also makes bombs a bit more common than they used to be, so you’ll want to head into your Draft nights prepared.

Elementary, Dear Watson


Murders introduce a new creature type, Detectives, and has a surprising amount of synergy with them. There are several cards that get stronger the more Detectives you have, make them unblockable, or summon new ones onto the battlefield. If you can find cards like Proft, Projektor Inspector, or Private Eye, you can make a nasty low-to-the-ground Detective deck that will skate right past you opponent’s defenses. They are mostly in Azorius, but you can splash into Jeskai or Esper and still succeed. Just don’t expect a high-powered beatdown.

Boros is Nasty

Red and White have always had a stranglehold on flying Aggro, and this new set is no different. With powerful flying creatures like Aurelia and her army of Angels, plus a new Agrus on the ground and the Lightning Helix reprint, you can keep your opponent on the back foot. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about running low on creatures since a lot of creatures in Boros are low-cost for high value. During the prerelease event I attended, 75% of the sealed decks ended up being Boros since everything in White and Red synergizes together, regardless of your overall theme.

Clued In

As you might expect from a set about murder mysteries and Detectives, Clues are a big part of Murders at Karlov Manor. While many of the effects are based on drawing a second card, the best way to do that is by sacrificing Clues. Many cards get bonuses whenever you sacrifice an artifact or token, so you’ll get a lot of value from cracking those Clues. If you want to solve the case, you need to follow the Clues.


Murders at Karlov Manor releases officially on Friday February 9th.

Pick up this amazing set at your favorite LGS, or online!

Author: Clint Lienau
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