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MTG: Yes, Play Boosters ARE Better For Draft

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Feb 6 2024

With the latest MTG Limited Play enviornment, it’s becoming obvious that Play Boosters were the right path forward.

Welcome in, Praeotrs and Planeswalkers! The time has come, and it’s officially release week forĀ Murders at Karlov Manor! Of course, if you’re a die-hard fan of Limited like me, you already got your hands on some of the cards courtesy of the Prerelease Weekend events. As exciting as all the brand-new crime-themed cards are, the biggest new thing was the retirement of Draft boosters in favor of Play boosters.

We talked about the breakdown of their contents last year, but we weren’t sure how the play experience would be. Having drafted with them myself, I can say definitively that they are a better experience. I’ve been playing Sealed and Draft since 2001, and it’s never been better, both from a play point of view and as a collector.


More Bombs

Draft has always been fun, but rarely has it been the place to go for chase cards. Sure, you could get lucky and snag the rare you’re looking for, but you’re also just as likely to be stuck with chafe rares that are decent in Limited but stinkers everywhere else. Play boosters solve this issue by giving you four potential rare slots, including a chance to get a coveted List card. That makes Draft not only a more competitive environment but also makes it a bit more accessible for new players. Going to a Draft for the first time is a lot more palatable when you can pull a powerful rare and hold your own without needing to rely on set knowledge.

Higher Overall Value

While there are fewer cards in a Play Booster (14 rather than 15), each of the cards has a higher likelihood of being worth the pull. The chance to get up to four rares is pretty incredible, but even the common and uncommon layout is more economical for non-Limited play. While I doubt I would ever have gone out and bought a box of Draft boosters to crack at home, I will HAPPILY stock up on Play boosters for some tabletop draft with my friends or just to crack for fun. You might not get the same bomb droppers you would in a Collector booster, but you also aren’t paying the premium price. Plus, this means that after a Draft event, the cards you pulled might ACTUALLY go into one of your decks, rather than into your chafe box.

If you’ve played with the new boosters, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Clint Lienau
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