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New 5e RPG Roundup: ‘Beacon Bear’, ‘Nights of Chrome’ and More

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Feb 2 2024

A furry new party member, a cyberpunk setting, and a cathartic new way to run a one-shot are all in our 5E compatible roundup this week.

It’s time to roll the dice on new 5E compatible releases! Come check out this week’s batch of brand-new tabletop role-playing games.

Gnarlfang’s Goblin Casino


IT’S GNARLFANG’S GOBLIN CASINO! A short adventure for low-level characters. Come to Gnarlfang’s for an evening of bad decisions!

Gnarlfang the goblin has opened a casino! It’s for goblins, but your party is invited too!


Or maybe you weren’t invited—how did you get in here, anyway? It’s all right, the goblins don’t know what they’re doing either!

While the party’s here, they can:

Enjoy 3 ill-conceived goblin casino games!
Get caught cheating and suffer the consequences!!
Learn the dark secret of the casino’s true purpose!!! (Okay, it’s not that dark.)
Gnarlfang’s Goblin Casino is compatible with D&D 5E and easy to use with other editions, too.

Farewell Old Friend

This is a VERY non-standard product. It is not an adventure that you would buy to use in a Friday night RPG game of any sort. It is a specialty product. This is a one-shot adventure with a specific purpose in mind. It is designed to be played to honor a PLAYER who has died. If you have had a member of your group pass away, then this is a product for you.

This adventure is intended to be run by EXPERIENCED Game Masters. It is a story-based game that uses sneaky trickery to advance the plot and achieve its purpose. This is meant to be a way of getting your players to talk about your fallen friend’s best qualities and perhaps find a sense of closure. I hope you enjoy this product and I hope it honors your friend the way it is intended. Thank you.


Ars Mechanica—Beacon Bear

Need another member in your party? Beacon Bear, the mysterious furry explorator is there to join your group! This PDF includes everything you need to add Beacon Bear to your party or to your adventure in general.

Beacon Bear is a level 10 character, half druid and half ranger. If you plan to use it as a PC in the Frozen Enigma instead of an extra companion, you might want to increase his level to 12.

Nights of Chrome

Nights of Chrome is a set of generic, simple, and straightforward rules, based on the D20 system, and intended to be played in urban or cyberpunk-themed settings. This manual is based on the Cyberpunk Vieja Escuela game system, expanded and augmented with new rules (complementary and alternative), along with new enemies, weapons, equipment, cyber-implants, and hacking rules. The system is completely neutral and free of settings, and GDs can use it in the context and environment they prefer.

In this manual, you will find the following content: Character Creation.

  • Set of basic rules (game system, combat, stun shock, addictions, mental health, cyber-implant operations, etc).
  • Hacking rules, both in its full version (more complex but richer) and alternative (simpler and more straightforward).
  • Drone creation system.
  • Mercenaries hiring system.
  • Equipment lists (weapons, armor, cyber-implants, terminals, programs, equipment, etc.).
  • Enemy and NPC lists.
  • An introductory campaign to put the rules into practice, composed of three missions.
  • Weapon cards to use during the games.
  • Character sheets.

Of Doors and Where They Take You

In this adventure titled “Of Doors and Where They Take You” a group of fortune seekers gathers to pull off a heist. They get their hands on a mysterious artifact, the Portal Key, which takes them to a sequence of mysterious and cryptic places.

To unravel the secret that binds these places together, the characters will follow the footsteps of an awkward yet overly lucky archaeologist. In the finale, he will reveal the answers to all their questions and shed some light on the blank spots in the story.

Length: 10–14 hours (3 sessions)


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