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Starfinder 2nd Edition Playtest Rulebook Coming to Gen Con 2024

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Feb 7 2024

Starfinder 2E’s upcoming playtest is so intense it’ll have its own 264-page core rulebook – and need two others just to get started.

Paizo announced its first couple of Starfinder 2E Playtest products yesterday, including a new core book and adventure, both headed to Gen Con. Starfinder 2E is already off to a running start and looks to be the most Paizo book Paizo has ever put out.

Because the playtest for SF2E is going to be intense. With a 2025 release goal and using a whole new paradigm, Starfinder 2E will overhaul the game’s core mechanics to bring them in line with the current edition of Pathfinder, using a massive 264-page playtest book.

But you’ll need more than just the new book if you want to play.

Starfinder 2E Playtest Core Rules Coming August

In a blog post, Paizo revealed more about the upcoming behemoth, the Starfinder Playtest Rulebook:


This 264-page softcover playtest book contains a figurative ton of new Starfinder content using the Pathfinder Second Edition rules as a foundation. You’ll notice right away that this book requires the use of Pathfinder Player Core and Pathfinder GM Core. The reason for this is because we wanted to provide as much new content as possible without reprinting massive sections of rules that already exist in Pathfinder rulebooks and on our online PRD at Archives of Nethys. All relevant rules will be reprinted in full for our 2025 release.

That’s right; if you want to play Starfinder 2E, you’ll have to use the newly remastered Player & GM core rulebooks for PF2E in order to do so. But this is because there’s a ton of new content, and Paizo is saving the “reprinting of the rules you already have” for the full release.

What awaits you in the new book?

Six classes- Envoy, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier, and Witchwarper- new ancestries, feats, and spells, and crucially, an overhauled gear system. Existing Starfinder players may be excited to see what this will mean for the game since your kit is arguably more important here than in Pathfinder.

Alongside the playtest rulebook, Paizo will also feature a new playtest adventure: A Cosmic Birthday:


This adventure takes place on Absalom Station and is meant to introduce new 1st-level characters to the setting of Starfinder. You’ll explore the station as a setting-shattering event occurs: the hatching of the planet Aucturn and the emergence of a new deity into the Starfinder core pantheon.

Find out more about the Starfinder 2E Playtest

All this awaits in August 2024!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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